Editor’s Review: ‘BOX’, the Stage Play

Pictured left to right: Rashad Edwards, Kevin Brown, Fred Shahadi, Marishka Phillips, Ayinde Howell, Lawrence Saint-Victor

There’s a variety of entertaining theater on Broadway but none quite like Box, the Stage Play. Written by Fred Shahadi, Directed by Marishka Phillips, and Produced by Emelyn Stuart of Stuart Films, ‘BOX’ is a story about four Haitian refugees who stow away aboard an industrial ocean liner seeking freedom by sealing themselves inside a large coffee container. The ghost of Henry ‘BOX’ Brown, a former slave who literally mailed himself to freedom in 1848, visits them. This play explores one’s desire for freedom and their determination to achieve it.

Box is more than just a stage play, it’s a journey of self discovery and acceptance. Box pushes the performance envelope and goes beyond expectations by delivering strong messages of pride, strength and freedom. The play is led by a stellar ensemble of talented men including Kevin “Dotcom” Brown (NBC’s 30 ROCK), Lawrence Saint-Victor (Guiding Light), Ayinde Howell (Rocco’s Dinner Party), Rashad Edwards, and Brandon Alexander as Henry ‘Box’ Brown.  It’s not everyday you come across a play whereas you can say that ALL of the cast members contributed riveting and impressive performances; each led us on an emotional roller coaster ride filled with  angst, sadness, anticipation, hope and even at times laughter; all of this serving up as a prelude  to facing and coming to terms with their own morality as men.

I recommend that everyone go out and support Box.  It serves as a reminder to us all that nothing in life should ever be taken for granted, not even our freedom.  The show is currently playing thru October 6th at Broadway’s MidTown Theater in Manhattan. Tickets can be purchased online at BroadwayBox.com

All photos courtesy of Charles David NYC


By Editor-in-Chief Shawn Chavis

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