Editor’s Product Review: Dudley’s Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner

There are a multitude of products out there today that cater to women’s hair, but very few are made specifically for African American women; that’s not surprising considering how very few African American-owned beauty companies there are in existence. That’s why I was so excited to recently try Dudley Beauty Corp’s moisturizing shampoo and conditioner along with their hair and scalp oil . I remember the Dudley name while growing up; they were and still are today an African American family owned beauty company with well-respected products distributed to salons and stores throughout the country. Here’s my take on their products:

Product Claims:

(Moisturizing Shampoo)

  • Restores moisture while it cleanses
  • Contains natural botanical extracts
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance




(Moisturizing Conditioner)

  • Restores moisture while it conditions
  • Leaves hair soft and tangle free
  • Sweet, fruity fragrance
  • Enhances sheen
  • Adds body


My Findings:

These two products do exactly as they claim.  Once I opened both bottles I was immediately impressed with their pleasant fruity fragrance; not too strong, and not too sweet, it was just right.   Their liquid textures were very smooth and silky which made me think that my hair would respond; and it did because as I washed my hair, I could feel it softening.  The conditioner added even more to the softening process. I let it sit on my hair for about five minutes, rinsed it out, and afterwards my hair was so soft and silky that I could comb right through it easily while still wet. Now ladies this is very important for me to share with you- my hair is in its natural state and has been for years. I wear lots of weave styles though and one of my rituals in between styles is to give my own natural hair a good washing followed by a deep conditioning. So my point is, if this product worked so well on my natural hair, just imagine how it works on relaxed hair. Therefore, I definitely recommend for you to try!


Product Claim:

(Scalp Special-Hair & Scalp Oil)

  • Controls itchy scalp
  • Controls falling hair and thinning temples
  • Contains lanolin and mineral oils
  • Produces a glossy sheen




My Findings:

The scalp oil  felt lightweight as I put it onto my hair/scalp and I was happy that it didn’t feel greasy.  The odorless formula also gave my natural hair a light sheen. I mainly tried this product for the benefits of controlling dry itchy scalp, and after using it for about a week, I was pleased with the results; my scalp remained moisturized and I even felt a slight tingling (can’t say that you will feel the same) after applying which made me think the itchy scalp formula was working.  I do wish though that it was available in a liquid form so that I could also use it with my weave styles. For those of you who are curious about using the scalp oil to help control falling hair and thinning temples, I would definitely advise trying since the other aspects of this product worked so well.






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