Editor’s Pick: Dove Beauty Bar

By Shawn Stuldivant, Editor in Chief

Hey Bronze Beauties! As we continue to brave the winter elements over the next few weeks, I have a simple suggestion on how to keep your skin soft and moisturized- use Dove Beauty Bar. You’d have to have been living under a rock your whole life if you don’t remember the Dove brand of soaps and their signature secret weapon: their ¼ moisturizing cream, which to this day softens your skin the moment you use it. I must admit, it’s been a while since I’ve used Dove products, but when I was asked to try their white beauty bar I jumped at the chance to become reacquainted with the brand that encourages you to, “Be your beautiful self.”

Once I received my samples I tried one in the shower, soon realizing that there were a few amazing things that I had forgotten about Dove soap: it has a strong, fresh fragrance that lasts well after you step out of the shower. I could still smell it an hour later in my bathroom. I didn’t have to keep trying to lather it up as I have done with so many other soaps; it’s rich, foamy lather covered my skin within seconds. It’s also easy to lather up onto a loofah. Another thing I had forgotten was how immediately Dove Beauty Bar made my skin feel silky and moisturized, something that has become very important to me as I get older. Oh, and one last thing, the bar lasts a long time! I was able to get several more washes from it than my regular soap.

So If there is a beauty bar you are already using and are happy with it, to each his own, by all means continue using it. But if you are searching for a beauty bar that has multiple uses for face and body, has a moderate price point, is an established, trustworthy brand, is available in many different versions including for seisitive skin, leaves your skin soft, smooth and radiant and has a fragrance that will make you close your eyes every time you smell it, then perhaps you should consider switching to Dove Beauty Bar. Also, take this quick, fun digital quiz to put your skin-care knowledge to the test. Share it with friends!

*This post was created in partnership with Dove*

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