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Editor’s Pick: Bouquet Bar Luxury Gift Box for Mother’s Day

By Shawn Stuldivant, Editor in Chief

Hey Bronze lovelies! Mother’s Day is right around the corner and there’s plenty of options available for that special gift for the mom in your life. But if you want to give her something beautiful and memorable, then consider buying her a gift from the luxury gift company Bouquet Bar. Recently featured on Shark Tank, Bouquet Bar offers gift boxes for any sentiment or occasion including gratitude, well wishes, birthdays, company parties, graduation and yes, Mother’s Day. Their curated boxes have everything from exclusive assortments of delicious treats, restorative indulgences and exquisite floral arrangements. I was sent a sample gift box so that I can share my experience with you lovelies and was able to see for myself how this company is truly redefining the art of giving.

When I received my sample box in the mail I was in shock at how huge it was! Measuring at 24” x 17” x 7” the custom gift box was orange with a large beautiful gold metallic company logo affixed on top of the lid. So classy! And inside the box was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! A gorgeous orange bouquet of what seemed like an endless amount roses sat front and center and on one side of it below was a small orange box containing a citrus blossom candle and on the other side was a small orange box containing dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels. Mmmm…the perfect cure for my sweet tooth!!! I absolutely love anything sea salt caramel.

Everything about this gift was so elegant and classy; even the flower food was in an elegant little clear bottle with a gold top and gold/white seal while the instruction card was in a mini gold metallic envelope. I was so excited by it all and felt so special that I can truly say Bouquet Bar created a wonderful “gifting experience” for me. If you want the mom in your life to feel the same, then I suggest you visit their site and pick out one of their ten Mother’s Day gift boxes (prices range $49.99 to $214.99) or even custom create your own in their “Design Your Gift” section of their website.  Currently, they are offering 15% off of Mother’s Days gifts for a limited time.

*This is a sponsored post, however, the opinion is the editor’s own.

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