Eat Your Way to a Beautiful Smile

woman smiling2What’s a beauty regimen without teeth maintenance? Do you know that certain foods can actually help brighten and strengthen your teeth, freshen your breath, AND keep your tastes buds satisfied all in one? Who would have thought eating can help beautify your teeth and keep them healthy and strong. According to Zelana Montiminy, the Health and Wellness Expert suggests food that stimulates saliva is the first step in a healthy mouth routine.  Eating crunchy foods like nuts, veggies like carrots, or crunchy fruits like apples will also aid in the polishing of teeth. Some fruits like pineapples, strawberries, and oranges contain enzymes which allow for natural stain removal. Lactic acid in dairy has been found to help prevent tooth decay. Foods that contain sulfur compounds including raw garlic and onions, a surprising ally to our mouths, helps distinguish bacteria. But beware, rule of thumb: “Food that stains your clothes will also stain your teeth” according to Montminy  (*Side eye to red wine, coffee, blueberries, etc.), but explains the solution would be to rinse after having those staining foods. Also, never overindulge because too much of a good thing can turn it bad. Too many fruits at once can LEAD to tooth decay, just as too frequent use of whitening strips can lead to weakened teeth and tooth sensitivity. So bear in mind that you must do everything in moderation. Watch the vid for more information.  Happy eating!

by Rachelle Saintfleur

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