Easy Ways to Love and Empower Yourself and the Women Around You

Hey Bronze beauties! Empowerment and self-love are two important aspects to devote your time and energy to. When you radiate confidence and optimism, others will be drawn to your energy and want to follow suit. At times, it may feel difficult to find ways to feel empowered throughout your day-to-day life, but with these tips, you’ll be sure to improve your self-confidence for you as well as those around you. 

Learn to Say No

While there are many reasons you may find yourself too busy for your own good, it could certainly come down to the fact that you’re a person who is afraid to say no. Many of us dislike saying no due to the fear of the other person’s response. That alone may be enough for you to never say no, but you should reconsider your view on the word and what saying no can do for your mental and physical health. 

No is a powerful word in of itself, and when you use it to make a solid decision, it can leave you feeling empowered. While it may feel easier to be a people pleaser, saying no gives you the liberty to do what you truly want to. Even better, once you’re comfortable enough to say it when you want, you can also help and empower others to do the same.  

To begin reclaiming your time and well-being, you should ask yourself what you truly want. Instead of saying yes to anything and everything, assess each opportunity you’re given and say to yourself, “am I doing this for me or those around me?” Being able to determine which situations you want to say yes to can give you the confidence and power to do that throughout all aspects of your life.

Practice Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can completely alter your mindset; no matter if you’re repeating positive affirmations to yourself daily, or actively working to change the way you view the world around you. Believe it or not, there is a science behind positive thoughts and the ways in which they help to build your skills, boost your health, and improve your work. The way you view yourself and each thing you endure can make or break the situation.

For example, if you find yourself feeling low and unsure of how something could get better, transforming your thoughts into something more positive can not only help you to solve the issue but also help you to grow and learn from it as well. In regard to helping you lead a healthier life, positive thinking can reduce stress and anxiety levels. Stress can severely impact your overall wellness and lead to additional health concerns if left unaddressed.

Take Care of Yourself

Nothing is more important than your health and well-being. Between getting to know your body and regular wellness visits, you need to be able to read the signs your body is giving you if something is off. Common ways to take better care of your body and health include a proper diet, sleep, and exercise. 

Unfortunately for a lot of women, a topic that is often avoided is female health, specifically menstrual cycles and how to properly care for the body during that time of the month. Have you ever heard the phrase “own your yoni?” It’s a saying that ties into learning and empowering women to further explore their bodies and become more aware of their health. Unfortunately, there’s a stigma surrounding feminine care products making the conversation about periods something more taboo, but you can change that. 

Begin by learning about your period, the type of flow you have, how long it lasts, etc. Then look into the type of products you use. It should come as no surprise that typical tampons from the store aren’t required to share their ingredients. Therefore, it can be hard to tell exactly what they’re made of and in turn, what you’re putting into your body. Products such as a silicone-based menstrual cup can be considered as a safer, and more logical solution. Taking small steps like researching new products and becoming more in tune with your body will put you on the path to owning your yoni. No one becomes an expert overnight and no one can know your body better than you! 

Find a Solid Support System

The importance of a strong support system should not go unnoticed. Having a solid group of people you can confide in no matter the circumstance can help you in all walks of life. Think back to a hardship you’ve experienced in your life, who did you talk to for advice? If you left this conversation feeling relieved and heard, that person is an excellent confidant. 

A support system can not only help you in your times of need but can also back you up on hard decisions as well as celebrate your successes. Everyone needs and deserves that kind of support no matter the circumstances. To successfully find and grow your supportive relationships consider the following:

  • Do they encourage you to be your best?
  • Do they tell you the truth when you need it most?
  • Do they celebrate your wins with you?
  • Do they take your needs and feelings seriously?

If you’ve said yes to any of these questions about individuals in your life, no matter if they’re friends, family, or co-workers, these people are perfect supporters. 

Ultimately, you can empower and love yourself in many different ways. What’s most important is that you find methods and people that work and support you as well as those surrounding you. By putting quality time and effort into yourself, you will soon see that the positivity reflects in others as well. 


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