E-commerce Art Therapy: Postal Petals

By Meagan Bess

Several years ago, Postal Petals founder Talia Boone was introduced to arranging flowers as a hobby. This led her to found her own small business at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Its success is due to the nature of the business. Utilizing an e-commerce model and working with black farmers in the Atlanta area allows Boone to reach people across the nation with natural and fresh flowers daily.

As the owner, Boone is able to showcase her passion and love for flower arranging, which she describes as “therapeutic.”

Boone even shares how she would use flower arranging to decompress and release any stress that came with any complex jobs like from the company she runs called INTER:SECT, a tactical solutions agency built to intersect with fields like sports, entertainment and technology among others.

Boone shares that a major part of Postal Petals is partnering with domestic flower farmers to ship the products. The boxes of fresh cut flowers are sent to the customers so they can create their own DIY flower arrangements.

Boone also shares that the evolvement of this ecommerce art therapy business came about four to six weeks into the pandemic lockdown in Los Angeles, California, approximately late April 2020, of which she knew it would be unpredictable and very uncertain.

In order to decompress, Boone’s therapist shared that flower arranging could be something she could do with her free time and of course it led to a decision that is giving relaxation to many on a daily basis.

Since the L.A. flower market was closed due to the lockdown, she went online looking for a company that would deliver flowers for her to create the arrangements herself. This discovery helped give her the peace she needed and she found a way to extend beyond the four walls in which she lives in.

This self-made business owner credits having down time to discover flower arranging again to give her the drive to take it to the next level. Had there not been a lockdown and the shutdown of the flower market, she feels more barriers may have been in her way to get the business running in the same way she got it going so smoothly back in 2020.

It’s one thing to be a thriving black business owner, but it’s also very encouraging that Boone is a female business owner. Thriving through a pandemic is a major success that deserves recognition, and the Postal Petals founder is one of many who should be congratulated for this accomplishment.

Boone considers her company as a wellness, self-care and tech company. She believes that the flowers are the tool.

She shares that the money and resources aren’t as easy to acquire as it may seem. The millions and even billions of dollars connected to women owned businesses can be connected to cohorts and even accelerator programs. And the steps that would be connected to the process of getting funding would mean less funding for the company.

This floral business owner has been embraced in a positive manner that she didn’t expect but nonetheless is grateful for.

Boone credits Postal Petals as the first company in the United States to release DIY flower arrangements as a form of creative expression.

She loves how great customers are and how they refer their friends to Postal Petals as well which has allowed for repeated sales. The product can be purchased on a one-time basis or via subscription.

Boone’s company recognizes flower arranging as an art therapy itself. Alongside this notion, she is very intentional about building up this company’s brand as a lifestyle business.

The company does collaborations with wine tasting and cocktail mixing. She even shares the incorporation of upbeat music at these gatherings. Down the road Boone hopes to partner with Apple or Spotify and even musical artists to curate playlists to arrange flowers as well.

The next phase for Postal Petals is the community engagement aspect. Community wellness in- person events taking place in their L.A. based location is a way for them to encourage others to use flower arranging as a daily way to focus on wellness.

Finally, the conversation led to giving tips to women of color who want to own their own business someday. Boone says to plan what you want and how to get there. There will be a need for resources, so doing research on getting those essential tools within an affordable range will help gear the bigger vision to get to put it in existence and founding the business whether through e-commerce or at an actual location.

For more on Postal Petals and to purchase your DIY kit, click here.

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