Dove Launches their first Refillable Deodorant

By Nsi Amah

Dove is becoming more and more eco-friendly as time goes by. The brand is finding more innovative ways to keep the earth green and reduce carbon footprints. Planet Earth gets filled every year with plastic and landfill, so it is our responsibility to take care of the planet that we live on. Consumers care about the planet and companies should too. This year Dove has launched their new refillable deodorant, which forms part of the brand’s initiative for saving the planet and creating sustainability. You can refill the deodorant as many times as you want.

In Dove’s search for finding sustainability in their products, the brand is finding more ways to create sustainable products to reduce the carbon footprint. This is to encourage consumers to want to have a sustainable lifestyle as opposed to feeling obligated or having to do so. The new deodorant comes with a modern container made with highly durable stainless steel, which can withstand 90 pounds of weight; that’s withstanding the pressure of a car driving over it on the street.

The vessel is packaged with 100% FSC graded paper from forests that are well managed and contains Dove’s most caring deodorants which have no aluminum that harms the skin. The key here is if it’s kind to your skin, it’s kind to the planet. This small item will create a huge impact on the world and reduce the amount of plastic by 20,500 tons per year. That is a huge step in the game and a major step to getting the earth clean again. By 2025, Dove strives to have all their products plastic-free, made from 100% PCR plastic ( which is better), and reusable/refillable.

Consumers are becoming a lot more planet conscious and looking for eco-friendly brands to work with. It is amazing to see more and more brands considering and changing their packing to be more green-friendly for the environment. Saving the planet is important, especially for Gen-Z consumers. Plastic packaging or plastic in items like baby wipes can do a lot of damage to the environment. Plastic gets into our landfills, water supply, and more importantly the ocean. In the ocean, plastic gets washed up on the beaches and also animals like turtles have a hard time living around it. Plastics disrupt the way of life of animals land or sea, making them sick or injured.

As we think more about the planet, animals are safe and the planet thinks more about us. Dove plans to have all of its products as plastic-free and eco-friendly as possible. As we push for this, we push for saving the planet and those that live in it, which is us. It is time to reduce our waste!


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