Dove launches new gentle hand washes

By Nsi Amah

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, our lives have changed in so many different ways. We are more stressed, loved ones have been lost, we are wearing face masks daily, and our work lives have turned remote. To decrease the spread of germs, the demand for hand sanitizer and soap has increased. Constant hand washing has done a number on our skin, and even though hand soap is great for killing germs, the results can be very harsh. In the past, many wellness brands focused on killing germs but never considered our skin in terms of moisture. Hand soaps containing alcohol can cause dryness or cracked skin if you do not moisturize. With this in mind, Dove introduces their Deep Cleansing Moisturizing Hand Wash and their Nourishing & Foaming Hand Wash, available in several different scents that don’t strip your hands of its natural oils. You can keep your hands clean from germs, but your skin does not have to suffer. The hand washes are made with 100% gentle cleansers and Dove’s unique moisturizing blend consisting of five skin loving nutrients and moisturizers designed to kill germs and lasts for several hours. This is amazing for a time like now, when we will always need hand soap in stock to prevent the spread of germs and Covid-19.

Now more than ever we must protect our skin due to constant washing. Dove Nourishing & Foaming Hand Wash really gives you that spa treatment when washing your hands. It provides a rich, foamy texture that is gentle on your hands, giving them the care they need. Available in four scents: Lavender &Yogurt, Coconut & Almond Milk, Aloe & Eucalyptus and Warm Vanilla & Sugar Cane, these beautiful fragrances will send you to heaven every time you are in your bathroom.

Dove’s timing couldn’t be better with these moisturizing hand washes, especially since consumers need gentler solutions that also keeps their hands clean and are nourishing enough to keep skin soft and supple throughout the day. It’s almost as if you won’t need lotion after every wash.


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