Dove Joins the Natural Deodorant Trend with Its Newest Line, Care by Plants

Story and Event Photos by Nicollette Samuels

Everyone romaine calm! Dove released their new line of deodorants powered by plants, and to celebrate, held a garden release party with plant expert Maryah Greene for an interactive plant experience.

The popularity of natural deodorants is rising, especially in recent years as people grow wearier of what they are putting into their bodies and demanding more natural and environmentally friendly products. New and existing brands are catering to these consumers and Dove is no exception. Dove Care by Plants 24hr deodorant is the brand’s first-ever plant-based, natural-origin deodorant.

The new deodorant line offers 24hr odor protection and its formulation is made with 99% natural sourced ingredients and 100% natural origin fragrances from essential oils, making it kinder to the body and environment without losing efficacy. It is a vegan, aluminum-free formula that is held up to the same standards as all Dove products, to be hydrating and restore the skin’s moisture for radiance and softness.

To celebrate the launch of the collection, Dove held a Garden Escape + Plant-Based Experience in New York City at the gorgeous 620 Loft & Garden rooftop event space in Rockefeller Center. The venue exuded a serene and dream-like atmosphere, as it overlooked the city with up-close views of St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Fifth Avenue. Upon entering the venue, we were greeted by caterers who asked for our choice of water or green juice (I took a chance on the wild side and chose the green juice). Then as we entered the main space, we were captivated by beautiful floral arrangements, live plant art pieces, and green hedges. One of the highlights of the venue is their delightful reflecting pool.

Maryah Greene kicked off the event by inviting attendees to have their pick at one of two houseplants and their favorite color planter. From there she gave valuable information about each plant and how to care for it.

The self-described ‘Plant Doctor’ was not always an expert in plant care. In fact, she has even killed her fair share of houseplants. Greene shared her story of how her hobby became her career. When she moved to New York for graduate school, she went all out and bought a bunch of plants to decorate her new apartment. Within a month or two all the plants died, and that was when she decided to really research and learn all nuances of plant care. She soon became a seasoned plant parent, so much so that she started an Instagram account dedicated to plant care, and helping others care for their houseplants. That was when she started getting noticed by friends who would ask for her advice. One friend saw her potential and thought Greene could make this a business. Greene’s friend gave her a budget to decorate her apartment with plants and posted about it on social media. From there she garnered attention from news outlets like the New York Post and Good Morning America.

The interactive portion of the event started when Greene taught us how to re-pot the plants into our chosen planters. We got our hands dirty using the fancy gardening tools provided and a glass jar of nutrient-dense soil. Having so much fun worked up an appetite, so we were served delicious plant-based hors d’oeuvres to coincide with the theme. To wrap up the event, all attendees came up with a name for their new plant babies, and if you are wondering, my plant is a Monstera named Ginger!

Dove’s Care By Plants Deodorant retails for $9.99 and is available in 4 scents, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree.


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