Don’t Let Your Mind Bully Your Body

By Aaliyah Ransome

Are you comfortable with your body? Or do you find yourself giving into the critiques of social media? Body positivity is key to a happy and healthy life. Trying to fit into “societal norms” may not be what’s normal and healthy for you.

It’s only natural to find yourself feeling pressured by social media when there’s nothing but Instagram models flaunting their flawless, yet unnatural bodies, promoting slimming teas; beauty bloggers showing their perfect skin, and celebrities showing off their amazing snapbacks after giving birth.

It’s almost impossible not to give into the pressure and compare yourself to other women and find flaws. Which is why women and men end up getting surgery to fix what they consider to be a flaw. However, we all have flaws and struggles, but that is what makes us unique.

It’s imperative for us to remind children and teenagers that it’s okay for their bodies to be different and that they are perfect the way they are. Building their confidence at a young age will mold them into confident adults.

Every single body type is beautiful. Your weight and height does not determine how attractive you are, or whether you should feel good or not. The beauty standards of society shouldn’t determine how you view yourself.

Remember, no one is you and that is your power.

Image by Dove campaign.

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