Dogs are Woman’s Best Friend Too!

By Jo Jo Harder

Dogs have long been considered a man’s best friend, but it is actually woman who are closer to their pets. It’s no secret that dogs provide us with unconditional love, companionship, and they do not hesitate to show affection.

The symbiotic relationship between woman and dogs was formed thousands of years ago and we have benefited tremendously from our alliance with dogs. Here are ten “top” reasons why dogs are Woman’s best friend!

  1. Dogs know us! They can read our personalities and know who is more likely to be friendly. They sense sadness, tiredness, depression and illness. We also know that dogs understand language, and we spend a great deal of time talking to them.
  2. Dogs keep us healthy both physically and psychologically. The most common health benefit is the exercise we get when dogs take us walking. Petting a dog reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and improves our overall health.
  3. Dogs are nonjudgmental. They show unconditional acceptance. Have you ever known a dog to criticize or think less of you in times of failure? They accept us the way we are!
  4. Dogs provide companionship! They are fiercely loyal, great company, and a best friend to stick by your side no matter what.
  5. Service dogs save lives and do many things to help people with disabilities. These dogs are trained to serve as eyes and ears, as well as mobility assistants, psychiatric assistants, seizure alert, cancer detectors and medical assistants.
  6. Dogs help us show affection. They actually change the way we show affection towards others. We become less reserved and feel better about how we contribute to our relationships.
  7. We see dogs as we see other people. We respond to dogs as individuals rather than a category of creatures. They are our best friend, companion, and member of our family.
  8. Dogs make life more enjoyable. They are always happy to see us! And a woman with a dog is more likely to be happy, think positively, and feel better about her life.
  9. Dogs make a house a home, by filling it with love, warmth, and affection.
  10. Dogs provide unconditional love. They do not hesitate to show their affection, especially when they greet us at the door with their wagging tail and smiling face!


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