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An issue that a lot of single women have is: where do I find Mr. Right? There are wonderful single men all around but it seems like a lot of my clients don’t have a clue as to where there Mr. Right is located.
An issue that one of my clients seemed to have is that she had the hardest time finding a good respectable man when she went to the night club. She seemed to continuously attract men who were below her standards. The men that she met were only out to have a good time, wanted to chase women, and were not up to her standards financially. She was so confused and frustrated. The reason that she was having so many issues is because she was looking in the wrong place for her Mr. Right.
One thing that I tell my clients who come to me with this issue is that you have to get clear about where the type of man you are looking for would mingle. Some women feel like they can continue to go to the same places and will find their Mr. Right. This may be true for some, but for others you have to change your routine. I know that changing your routine may be uncomfortable for you but you have to make yourself available to find Mr. Right.
So where would your Mr. Right hang out on a regular basis?
Is he on a dating site?
Does he attend volunteer functions?
Does he hang out at the club?
This week your assignment is to get crystal clear on where the type of man you are looking for would hang out. After you have figured it out, the next step is to make a habit of attending those places. 

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