Do We Really Need Toner?

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There was a point when I was a three step routine girl. Then I began to get lazy and felt toner really wasn’t a necessity to maintain healthy skin. Just like everything else that hits the market, once one toner hit the shelves everyone else decided to make one. Now there is a struggle to incorporate the right toner. Some experts say you need it while others say toss it.

There’s a toner to help remove any excess makeup, dirt, and oil. Then there’s the option of having a toner to help prevent breakouts. Moisturizing toners are out there for you to choose along with a host of them.

The option of incorporating a toner is completely dependent upon your skin and lifestyle. Some women find that using a toner in the warmer months helps to control oil, breakouts, and the balance of moisture in the skin; this is great, for it will allow for a smoother canvas during makeup application. In the winter months we need more moisture, therefore we can substitute toner for serums. Even monitoring how often we use a toner will help to incorporate it better. Instead of applying twice daily, limiting the use of toner to day or evening has been just as effective.

Everyone’s skin is different. Knowing what your skin needs and when is very important. Just because someone says its great doesn’t mean you have to use it; and just because someone says you don’t need it, doesn’t mean you have to toss it. As with everything there are pros and cons. Find what works for you.
by Rosalyn Robinson

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