Despite the Global Pandemic, Vontelle Still Has 2020 Vision

By Carlee Smith

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – In 2020, simple activities such as going to the grocery store became a crippling task to Americans due to COVID-19. However, Tracy Vontélle Green and Nancey Harris launched a business that helps us all see the clearer picture.

These two women are the co-founders of Brookylns very own Vontelle eyewear; one of the only African American women eyewear companies in the United States. Their goal is to sell eyewear that represents the latest fashions all while keeping an ethinic flair that can relate to cultures all around the world.

Regardless of such a big adversity such as a global pandemic, the two co-owners were determined to let their dreams be seen by all.

Starting a business in itself has its challenges. Starting a business in a pandemic has added to these challenges. However, we used this time to slow up our process in branding our luxury eyewear. At first we wanted to get our business out there pretty quickly, but the pandemic gave us the opportunity to really develop our product. We were also able to add masks to our line to give our customers a full-face fashion,” Vontelle Green tells Bronze.

The new luxury eyewear brand enters the 150 billion dollar optical industry with the highest of hopes. Since their original launch in October of 2020, Vontelle has been promoting their business through the power of social media and consistent promotions for their customers. In the first two months following their launch, the two ladies have been seeing a lot of traction coming from both their website and their multiple social media pages.

Vontelle as a corporation has the vision of becoming the leading African-American woman owned company that would break away from the ordinary to the extraordinary chic and luxurious fashion forward eyebrand in the market. Some of the steps that are included to reaching their vision include quality product, unique designs, and consistency with their production.

As we enter into a new year, the Vontelle team has some new design lines that will keep their vision alive while blinding the world with their beauty.

We have some exciting plans to expand our line, not only with the patterns and prints, but with new lines as well; one of these being our new wood line that we are excited to introduce. As we know, wood is part of the Earth. It is also very cultural and it makes a bold statement.” Harris states. The wood line can be expected to drop in the Fall of 2021, perfect for the harvest season.

Some other exciting news to look forward to in 2021 is Vontelle’s ‘Divine Line’, which would incorporate inspiration from the Divine Nine fraternities and sororities. This line can be expected to be released June 2021, just in time for college and university homecoming events that take place in Fall 2021.

As a member of Delta Sigma Theta Inc., I would like us to also represent the masses of those (fraternity and sorority members) that are out there and will support.” Harris includes.

The two new lines would be an addition to Vontelle’s 36 culturally crafted designs.

“Our love for color, design, things that we liked, and things that we’ve seen in other countries really pushed us to create multiple patterns and designs.” Vontelle Green includes.

To check out some of their designed eyewear, click here.

Not only will Vontelle have people looking beautiful in their new frames, but they are also partners with the WIN (Woman In Need) organizations located in New York City to provide proceeds and eyewear to women and families in need.

“We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to partner with an organization. We started doing our research and we saw a lot of things overseas, helping children in Africa and in the Caribbean, but Tracey pointed out that we have people that need help in our own backyard,” Harris mentioned.

The co-owners thought it was very important to contribute any kind of help necessary for the families in need right in their home of New York City.

“People right here in New York are living in disparities and not getting the help that they need. Children are going to school that need glasses and they can’t see and they suffer for many, many years until they are old enough to understand that they can’t help their situation. We want to be that help…. we intend to have programs where we go to WIN organizations throughout the 5 NYC boroughs to host annual health fairs with opticians and we will help provide the eyewear to help them,” Harris added.

The vision of Vontelle came from both of the founders – both needing a new pair of glasses due to misplacing their luxury glasses within the same year of one another. After attempts of trying to shop black-owned fashion forward eyewear, they realized they were looking for something that did not exist. Therefore, the two women created Vontelle; to be bold, be brave, be beautiful.


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    January 28, 2021 at 2:13 am

    Great to know that the an amazing eyewear company that partners with an organization that help people in need. Women in need


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