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Walking down the street, you see a woman who looks like she is all put together effortless.  Do you ask yourself, why can’t I put together outfits like that?  Or do you wake up in the morning and go through several different outfits until you find one that makes you feel good when you look in the mirror.  Or do you just grab the first thing out of your closet and run out the door?  Are you confused about your style when it comes to dressing? 
Here are some tips for figuring out your style:
Know thyself first!  The starting point to Defining Your Style is to first identify your body shape.  The basic body shapes are as follows:

Halle Berry

Your hip-line and your full bust-line are the same width and your waist is well defined.

Inverted Triangle

Tyra Banks

You have a large bust, or you have broad shoulders, or both

You have narrow hips with a well defined waist

Beyonce Knowles

Your bust-line is narrower than your hip-line and you have a well defined waist

You have narrow shoulders


Your bust-line and hip-line are about the same width and you have little waist definition

Your legs and arms will typically be proportionally slender
You have a small to medium bust

Jill Scott

You have the overall appearance of being round especially around the waist-line

Your waistline is undefined
Your hips are wide
Your upper thighs are full
You may also have a full or a flat bottom

Gabourey Sidibe

Your waist is undefined

You have a large, high stomach
You may also have a full or a flat bottom
Whatever your body shape is, you cannot change it; It is What It Is.  Every single body shape has challenges.  Your challenge is learn to accentuate the positive and cover up the negative.
Know Your Best Colors!  Are you Warm (Fire and Sun) or Cool (Ocean, Sky).  Finding out what colors look best on you and highlight your skin color, hair and eyes, will help you in bringing out the Best You!   Wanna know an easy way to determine whether you are warm or cool?  Foil Wrapping Paper in Gold and Silver:  hold a piece below your face in front of the mirror and see which one brings out the glow in you.  Still can’t figure it out?  Consult an Image Consultant who specializes in Color!
Know your Age, Wear Your Age.  At 20 years old, you should not look like you are ready for the nursing home, and at 50, you should not look like you are ready for the stripper pole.  Okay, I am not saying that if you are 50, you need to go around wearing maxi hemlines but know that there is nothing sadder than a 50 year old woman trying to look like a 30 year old woman who is a 50 year old woman.  Get my drift?  At any age, you can look sexy and fabulous with a few minor adjustments.
In your 20s, Experiment!
In your 30s, Wear Sophistication.
In your 40s, Confidence without Confusion.
In your 50s, Express Yourself and Play with Color.
In your 60s, Elegance.
Find Your Style Icon and Study, Impersonate, and Emulate!  I am sure that you can identify at least 1 style icon with your body shape and style.  Study how they accentuate their positives and hide their negatives, impersonate and emulate their sense of style, if it works for you but always remember to be an Original!
In our next article on Defining Your Personal Style and Stepping into Your Tru Diva we will teach you how to edit your Closet.
Della A. Beaver is the CEO of A Tru Diva, LLC.   A Tru Diva is an Image Consulting Company helping women discover their Tru Diva, within and without and giving them the tools to live their life with passion, on purpose and out loud.
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