Dear Mr. President,

You continue to carry the weight of this great nation on your shoulders

And no matter how heavy the load gets

You always stand tall and you’re never bent over

I recall in 2008 when you first won

Black people around the world shouted “We’ve made it”

Because CHANGE had finally come

Now four years later you do it, again

Because you’ve proved that you’re not just a President for Black people,

But you’re the President for ALL men

You’re the President for the MAJORITY

You’re the President for the MINORITY

You’re the President for the DESTITUTE

You’re the President for the CHRISTIAN, the MUSLIM and the JEW

You’re the President for the WEALTHY

You’re the President for the SICK, the POOR and the HEALTHY

You’ve led a permanent campaign

That has NEVER changed

You’ve shown 84% of us that you care about our pain

That you care about our homes

Care about our health

Care about our future

Care about our education

And time after time you’ve demonstrated

That we didn’t have to be RICH in order for you to care about our situation

You’ve BAILED us OUT


You’ve SECURED the nation’s PROTECTION

Because US forces didn’t kill, Osama Bin Laden, until AFTER your election

So Mr. President, on behalf of the people I commend you for doing an exceptional job

And for the next four years we will “COMMIT to FOLLOW you FORWARD

In the service of our country by the will of our GOD” (FDR).

By:  Phaedra T. Anderson

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