By education expert and contributor Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

Daily we are faced with obstacles unexpected or expected.  We expect for our children to not always be on their best behavior.  We expect to encounter negative spirits that are not welcomed.  We expect to go to work to attack a perfect pre-planned agenda and for something unexpectedly to arise.  We expect to gain a pound or two, even five if we eat a pound or two of fried chicken wings, a side order of fries and ketchup/hot sauce, and a half-and-half.

We do not expect to go to the doctor’s to be told we have a terminal illness.  We do not expect to come home one day to suspect foul play in our homes from our significant other.  We do not expect to receive a phone call from a friend or relative noting that someone has passed away.  We do not expect the unexpected and are not really prepared for the expected.

How do you handle the misbehavior in children? How do you handle negative spirits or even draining ones? How do you deal with an immediate change of plans in your schedule that are unforeseen? What strategies have you adopted or executed to ensure that you have a fulfilling life? What activities have you researched for you and the family to do, to become more active and less prone to family or life’s disease? How do you channel your energy when faced with stress, being overworked and underpaid? What do you do when your income does not suffice your responsibilities in life? Do you have an outlet or people to turn to?

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