Crown Theory: Headwrap Styles & Tips


Hello Bronze Beauties! Today at Bronze Magazine we are going to cover a topic that’s a naturalista’s favorite go-to hair style: headwraps. Whether it’s to cover up your hair before wash day, letting a bantu air dry, or just wanting to rock your favorite scarf, headwraps are abundant in the natural hair community. But if you don’t know how to rock the look, or only know a few ways to wrap, we have curated some videos to step up your wrapping game.

TheLondonCurls’s Headwrap Tutorial

Let’s start with the basics, with Davina Looker’s tutorials on simple headwrap designs. This is great for the women you are just starting out or want quick wrapping methods to do.



Nadira037’s 10 Variations Tutorial

Now for the girls that want to take things up a notch, we highly recommend Nadira037’s tutorial vid on various different wrap styles. They’re so bright and colorful, we want to try all of them!



Chrissie Milan’s Iconic Nefertiti Tutorial

Nothing says Queen more than this iconic style. And thanks to Chrissie Milan’s video, you too can slay in the look with a hidden secret underneath. (It’s actually really clever!)



How do you wrap your hair? Do you use these methods? Let us know in the comments below!


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