Critics Really Are Your Biggest Supporters

By Rosalyn L. (@MsRosalynOfficial)

So — what do you do when dozens, hundreds of people saying, “You suck and your message sucks. You JUST SUCK?” What do you do when they lay out exactly how they think you’re making the world a worse place?

Most people succumb to the pressure. They lash out (I have), they despair (I definitely have), or stew for days (or months, if you’re like me) designing a fitting counterattack.

None of these are helpful.

Instead, here’s how I’m LEARNING to use criticism to become more influential, more popular, and more powerful than ever before.

The Good, Better, and Best Response to Criticism

There are plenty of “good” responses to criticisms, all of which I’ve seen advised:

  • Ignore them
  • Calmly defend yourself
  • Poke fun at them
  • Counter their claim with convincing evidence

These are well and good. They’re fine. You’ll always have critics, and these are good-enough responses for most people.

However, these merely adequate responses don’t really make you better or help you improve. They don’t make you more influential or powerful.

There are some “better” responses: you could try to create productive dialogue, or maybe use criticisms as a chip on your shoulder to keep going. I’ve done both, with mixed results.

But there is a better way. There is a best way to respond to criticism. Ever since I’ve started using this technique, my influence, popularity, and power as a writer have grown, gaining me more fans, more authority, and more income.

There are 4 steps:

  1. ( CRY… I’M KIDDING)
  2. If it’s true, admit it and use it to be better next time. If it’s not, ignore it entirely (the hardest part).
  3. Ask yourself how your message can be more clear, definite, and concise to your audience next time.
  4. Read between the lines, sometimes a CRITIC really is a FAN.

See, in your quest to become a more powerful and popular influencer, you should be getting criticism. For every 5–10 haters you get, you’re getting 1 solid, loyal fan who loves you.

What a “good entrepreneur attitude” is: “I only create exceptional products/services for a specific group of people. If it’s not for you, no sweat.”

The problem is, most people fear the critics and insults of others and become broken and won’t use the negativity as their strength.

WHILE others Take the insults and prove others WRONG.

This is why most people will remain in mediocrity. This is why they don’t have many SUCCESSFUL stories. It’s easy to get good feedback; it’s very hard to absorb an uncomfortable jab to your feelings, but apply it anyway.


You’ll be surprised at how many people actually admire you, but because of insecurities, will not encourage you to be better. Simple, because seeing you win shows them their shortcomings. Take every insult to your ego and use it as your source of energy and power.

Flex your muscles ..

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