Creative Stress Outlets

By: Kadisha Kentish

At some point everyone has or will experience the unpleasantness of stress. Stress tends to attack every aspect of your life, if you don’t address it.

The best way to overcome stress is to not let it fester. You have to give yourself time to mentally get away from what’s stressing you. Typically, meditation is the method to choose when attempting to clear your mind, but it’s not for everyone.

Many people have a hard time meditating, because they find it hard to make themselves clear their minds. There are many creative activities you can try that imitate the meditative state which will help you to de-stress.

Here are some creative activities that with just ten minutes can reduce your stress level:


You don’t have to go all professional, sitting at a table with some watercolors will do. But if you want to try painting on an easel and acrylic paint, go for it. Just get a brush and let the paint clear your mind.


They make coloring books for adults! These books have images that are more detailed than children’s coloring books though, which makes for a great distraction.

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You know how you used to doodle in your notebook when you got bored at school and before you knew it you had no idea what your teacher was talking about? Well that’s because sketching things helps your mind go blank. So get yourself a sketchbook and and start doodling away.


Try writing down your thoughts. It doesn’t have to be anything specific, just whatever comes to mind when you get a pen in your hand or begin typing on your laptop/phone. Once you begin writing, that will be the only thing your mind will focus on for the duration of your writing period.


Listening to music is a good mind clearing method, because people tend to focus on the words of a song which prevents them of thinking of other things. Or if you’d like to learn something new, you can even go as far as teaching yourself how to play an instrument if you’re interested.

Arts and Crafts

Explore the options of arts and crafts. You can try anything from knitting to building a gingerbread house. (In my opinion baking counts as an arts and craft project.) The options for arts and crafts projects are endless, you should look for a project that matches your interests. Whatever your arts and crafts project is, you can be sure you will be focused on nothing else.


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