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Imagine living and working the life the way you want. Imagine doing that and running a successful business. Imagine doing all of that and living anywhere in the world, and all of this while creating your own schedule.  

As far-fetched as this may seem it can truly be a reality…….a healthy and pragmatic reality. Business and Life Coach TaVona Denise, a scholar of the Life Coach School, has accomplished just that and is now assisting her clients to do the same for themselves; becoming a business accelerator.

Denise’s clients are of course leaders in their own areas of life and business. Denise helps to train the type ‘A’ entrepreneur how to achieve her/his goals without the burnout that normally comes with the hustle. As a matter of fact, Denise labels herself a reformed hustler. Before doing this ground-breaking and satisfying work, Denise, born and raised in the DC area, moved to Atlanta and had become a very dedicated and hardworking physical therapist at a worker’s compensation clinic.  She was also a member of the cycling club where she was nicknamed “The Rocket” (fitting with her obsession of always wanting to go faster). She is also an avid reader, a trait which would lead her to the paradigm shift that would change her life. 

In 2007 Denise came across the book the four-hour workweek – Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferris. The work of physical therapy had become grueling and challenging and Denise felt she would not wish to be involved in such an area for the rest of her life.  Ferris’ book had, however, planted a seed in her mind, and she felt she could create a new reality that was more enjoyable, fulfilling, and healthier for herself.  This conclusion became the major part of her dream.  The other part was her desire to be fluent in Spanish. 

While the seed that had been planted by the Ferris book was germinating, Denise’ core job became increasingly difficult. She not only had to support patients physically, she also had to support them psychologically. Unfortunately, she hurt herself and was not able to carry out her duties satisfactorily.  She then realized that she had to seek ways and means of supplementing her income.  

Entering the fold of the Life Coach School, the creative Denise began a journey that would lead her to become the Business and Life Coach that helped others to achieve greater in their endeavors, and one that controlled her schedule, her environment and her fulfillment. She would also end up working at the place from which she wanted to stage her skills – Mexico. For Denise to realize her goals which included what she would eventually be teaching her clients, she felt it was important to engage herself in an in-depth self-assessment:   

Know what your gifts are: 

Denise began to assess her education, her special talents and her experience. She looked at the things that she “naturally loves to do”; that she has already done to help people; and very importantly to figure out how to package all of this from anywhere in the world. Denise strongly believes and has seen that “the Creator will never give you a vision without giving you the means to achieve it.” With that understanding Denise and her clients can see it’s possible to make money anywhere in the world. Also, understanding how to utilize past experiences to fit the needs of current clients with their current situations. 

Know what you want:  

At the beginning of the journey, you must also know what you want.  In Denise’s case, reading that book allowed her to find out what she wanted and the type of life she wanted to live.  Knowing what you want helps with direction in charting your course, ensuring that all bases are covered in terms of all that would be needed.  An example – Denise was adamant in quickly learning Spanish.  

Trust Yourself: 

You have to trust yourself that you will be able to learn new skill sets which will help you to remain current as you move from place to place. The passage of Denise’s fluency in Spanish, took her first to Costa Rica for one year in 2007 and there she fully immersed herself in the culture to learn the language.  You also have to trust yourself in researching the necessary information, remembering that ‘saber es poder’ (knowledge is power) and this approach will definitely help in achieving the objective; for example, Costa Rican Spanish is the most accent neutral of all the Spanish speaking countries, which is more palatable in various Spanish speaking countries.

Step outside of your comfort zone: 

Learning new skills while still on the job, preparing to go to new places, and moving from what and where you have always known means stepping out of your comfort zone. You have to believe that you are able to conquer & thrive this new reality, even if it is while you still maintain your current form of employment. Life is full of possibilities and if you feel the nudge to take a leap that is new to you, then you should go the ‘I can’ route.  You must believe that even if you’ve never done this before you can learn & excel at this new skill, if you’ve never been here before you can still go where you’ve never been.

You must know your ‘Why’: 

You must know the ‘why’ for your desire to change where you’re going, what you are doing and your reality. When the brain, when obstacles, and when fear decide to try and convince you to stay where you are, gently focusing on your ‘why’ will help you to push through, despite challenges. Denise emphasizes “Let’s remember all the beautiful things that are waiting for us on the other side. Let’s remember this is temporary pain for long term gain!”  

Equip yourself for success:

A large part of Coach Denise’s journey of preparation came about when she attended the Life Coach School. This part of the journey has been integral to her success in many ways. Coach Denise shares that this part of the journey gave her “access to the model, the tool that we use that has really taught me how to create any result that I want (&) any goal that I want to achieve with my life and or business. I have been able to use the model to guide my thoughts and feelings and my actions to achieve.

Also, the school has been monumental in my success in providing for the community and the platform, to be able to add value to the members of that community as one of the instructors.”

Change how we think about work and ourselves: 

The tasks that are needed for productive results need to be tasks that are connected to our goals and that we enjoy and are passionate about. We need to turn the exertion needed for these tasks into “joyful exertion,” remembering the proverb “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  

Also, we have been taught by society to “work hard to prove our worth.” As such we end up always trying to look busy instead of being productive. This perspective can lead to work pressure and not prioritizing rest, all of which are unhealthy. We need to remind ourselves of our innate worthiness.  

With all the above broken down, this puts Denise, a Business and Life Coach, in a position to look at the client’s business, the client’s skills and the client himself or herself, and really be able to create a reality that works for the client, for the client’s health as well as the business’ health. 

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