Confidence is Key

by Venus Amani

21462535694005441_rSMMGtZV_cConfidence and self-esteem is probably one of the hardest things to acquire but once you obtain it; it is yours to keep forever. As a young woman, my parents always told me, that I was beautiful. When we are young, we can be susceptible to anything that is told to us, which can be positive if good things are said. Of course, puberty kicks in and you don’t feel like yourself but your parents continue to tell you that you are beautiful.

Somewhere along the line, you have a bad experience with someone. They called you fat or ugly and you never really thought such harsh words of yourself because you have always been told that you are beautiful. We begin to believe what this stranger is telling us, because somehow their opinion is more valued. Confidence is then lowered and self-esteem issues come to surface.

As a young woman, I was always confident. I have always been headstrong, only believing in what I thought to be true. Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t think this way.  I am here to tell all of you beautiful ladies that when you know who you are no one can tell you differently.

Sometimes, you have to accept all the things that encompass you. The things that you worry about such as why someone may not like you could be the things that are stopping people from liking you. You are putting too much emphasis on them. If you are overweight or underweight, embrace it! If you don’t like your hair, the way you dress or the fact that you wear glasses—these are all things that can be changed. Or you can simply embrace it.

There is a word that I love and it’s called being “Unique”. Question: If we wanted to look like people who we thought other people admired, then what would separate us from them? Nothing! Being different is good and being happy with who you are is the only thing that matters the most.

If you don’t like it, change it. It’s a simple fix. I am a firm believer that loving yourself for who God wants you to be is the best cure for confidence.  Don’t worry about what other people have. Be thankful for what you have and who you have become thus far. If someone doesn’t like you, develop a strong attitude that reads, that’s your loss! You know how beautiful you are inside and out and what you can offer to that person. Just know that someone or something better is waiting for you.

Don’t stress over the small stuff. confidence is the sexiest quality any women can possess regardless of how she looks. It’s all about your attitude, your swag, and your personality. Confidence will get you that man you want and whatever else you wish to acquire.


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