Christian Louboutin Reveals Nude Pumps for all Shades

christian-louboutin-the-nudes-pumps-2 (2) resizedChristian Louboutin has released a new line of pumps labeled “The Nudes” which will encompass five classic style Louboutin pumps that is inclusive to a range of skin tones from fair to dark. Along with the collection there will be an iTunes app that will be released so that women will be able to photograph their foot to be able to be matched to the pump that works best for them. Nudes have always been an issue due to the lack of varied shades, but companies are taking steps to create a fit for all colors since it clear that nude has no one definition to everyone. Tones are greatly diverse and it is exciting to see that fact be acknowledged. Nude pumps of course are used to create the illusion of endlessly long legs, having the right tone nude for your own skin tone is vital due to the fact that the look would be able to be pulled off effortlessly. So for the Louboutin fans out there, check out the new “The Nudes” pump collection in stores and online.

by Rachelle Saint-Fleur

*Photo from FashionBombDaily

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