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Chef Roble’ @ Studio Twenty One

by Amelia Moore aka Ameliaismore
Studio Twenty One was the place to be as all of NYC taste makers and trendsetters came out to watch the debut episode of Season 2 of Chef Roble’ & Co. reality TV show on Bravo.
It seems Bravo has decided to serve up another season. Chester of Core Venues and the Von Boozier Twins put together a red carpet event that looked like a who’s who of reality TV stars. Guests were served Chef Roble’ treats all night.  In addition to the guests the press, including yours truly the host with the most from Bronze Magazine was in the building to get all the scoop.
Bronze Magazine Entertainment Reporter Ameliaismore

Bronze Magazine Entertainment Reporter Ameliaismore

Speaking of scoop, Renee from the recoding group Zhane was in attendance. She let your host with the most know that she is coming out with a solo album.  Proud to not claim herself a “Diva,” this Queen definitely has the class and sass to call herself a “Bronze Bomber!”
Ameliaismore &  Renee formerly of Zhane

Ameliaismore & Renee formerly of Zhane

Season 2 is full of drama but not negative, if that is possible.  Instead of  the madness known for reality tv, you see the challenges Chef Roble’ faces employing family and friends.  However in the same show you also get to experience the joy and sense of accomplishment he and his team embraces with every successful event. Maybe that’s why President Obama hires him to cater his events.  The show’s cast is balanced with just enough diversity of personality to keep it compelling.  Especially, Artie!  Gotta love him!  I had the opportunity to ask Chef Roble’ what he hopes his audience will get from watching his show.  His reply was simply, “Entertainment!”  Kudos to Ma’at, Job well done!
Chef Roble' Ali

Chef Roble’ Ali

Chef Roble' & Co cast member Artie Thompson

Chef Roble’ & Co cast member Artie Thompson

Ameliaismore & celebrity stylist Debra Gynard

Ameliaismore & celebrity stylist Debra Gynard

You can watch Chef Roble’ & Co. every Wednesday night @ 10pm EST on Bravo. (All other cities please check your local listings)  Until next time, it’s your entertainment host with the most Ameliaismore giving you moore than what you bargain for so stay tuned to see what’s next. Peace!

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