Cheap Summer Date Ideas (Even If You’re Single)!

By Jamie Joseph

The summer is finally here, Bronze Beauties! Now what? Well, whether you’re single or in an exclusive relationship, there are plenty of inexpensive things to do during the summer no matter where you are on the map. This list includes activities you can do anywhere, as well as a few exclusive events happening across the U.S. So, get ready to share this list with your friends!

Picnic at the Park

Location: Your local park

Grab your girls or bae and have a sunset picnic at your local park, beach or hiking trail! The great thing about this is that you get to decide the budget for the items you bring. All you need is a blanket, some finger foods, and a bottle of wine.

Backyard Bonfire

Location: A house with a fire pit

All you’ll need is lighter fluid, a fire pit, firewood, marshmallows, chocolate, a speaker and your best friends. Pop open your favorite beers and enjoy each other’s company for an inexpensive night in!

San Diego County Fair

Location: San Diego, California

If you plan on taking a trip to the golden coast, visiting the San Diego fair with your boo is a must. The fair includes a petting zoo with the cutest furry friends, concerts, rides, carnival games, and more. If your significant other is feeling up to it, he or she can break his pockets by trying to win you that gigantic teddy bear you’ve always wanted! Adult tickets are $18.00.

Free Museum Hoppin’

Location: Southern California

There are a number of museums in SoCal that have free museum days. Some are even free of charge all year round! Check out this list and plan your next visit.

The Drive-In

Location: Select cities nationwide

Find out if there are any drive-in theaters near you and get cozy with your friends or lover under the summer night sky!

Ice Skating

Location: Nationwide

Ice skating, especially if you have your own pair of skates, is typically inexpensive. Find a rink near you and cool off with your squad, showing off your ice princess skills!

Photo Credit: Ana Rodriguez / Daily Sundial

Hollywood Sign Hike

Location: Southern California

Have you ever wanted to see the Hollywood sign in person? Well, this hike is free of charge and extremely easy! Remember to bring lots of water if you go on this hike, and you’ll probably want to bring a selfie stick for some amazing pictures.

The Space Needle

Location: Seattle, Washington

Overlook Seattle inside the Space Needle! Tickets range from $17 and up.

Free Things To Do in Georgia

Location: Georgia

If you’re in Georgia, check out this fun list of free things to do.

Above are just a few things to get your creative ideas flowing for what you and your gang can do this summer. A good, memorable summer can happen–even on a budget!









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