Center Yourself with BELOVED by Love Beauty and Planet

By Nsi Amah

When you think about self-care, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Pampering yourself? Doing your skincare routine? Taking that day off when you need to? Love Beauty and Planet takes self-care to a whole new level with Beloved. The brand introduced their new body care line with seven new scents including Cherry Blossom & Tea Rose, Cactus Flower & Basil, Coconut & Vanilla, Green Clay & Eucalyptus, Grape Fruit & Red Ginger, Lavender & Hyssop, and Patchouli & Orange Flower. The company wants customers to have the full aromatherapy experience during and post-bath/shower time since your bathing time should be the time when you relax, unwind and wash the day away.

If you haven’t been taking time for yourself during the day, now is the time to do so. Even if it’s only ten minutes to unwind. Taking time for yourself is very important when you are busy or even feeling like you need to be productive. We live in a workaholic society and many times we are on autopilot during our workdays. We are not always present even though we are physically there. The Love Beauty and Planet Beloved line aims to center you during bath time and bring your mind back to earth.

Wellness Expert Kelsey Patel suggests that we need to be more mindful about being centered with our bodies. Taking the time to get in a comfy place to do deep breathing will make you feel centered again, even if it’s just a few minutes. That is self-care. Self-care is not only taking care of your body but more importantly taking care of your mind as well.

Beloved takes you on a journey with their new body products. My personal favorite is the Cherry Blossom & Tea Rose scent which smells like Spring. Start your spa day by either running a bath or starting a shower, this is where the Bath & Shower Gel comes in. As you wash, your mind and body are stimulated to relax with aromatherapy. This will give that great Ahh feeling. You can take your time to do deep breathing exercises for a few moments.

Next, give your body a good exfoliate with the Body Scrub that comes with it. This will bring gentle exfoliation to your body, give you good blood circulation and will leave your body moisturized when you get out of your bath or shower. It is also infused with essential oils that will give your skin a good glow. All you have to do next is lather on the body cream that will keep your body moist and supple throughout the day. If you want to go the extra mile, you can put on the sheet mask that comes with the line to relax and hydrate your skin.

The key with this new body line is to give yourself an act of love to relax. The goal is to be the center to bring awareness to yourself to see how you are feeling, especially when your work or life is very busy. Life can get hectic. I hope you treat yourself to a spa day with Beloved.

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