Celebrity Chef Jojo Launches Two Seasoning Lines Amid the Pandemic

By Meagan Bess

Celebrity caterer Jojo Davis, famously known as Chef Jojo, has a notable career in which she gives gratitude to some of the male figures in her life for being some of the beacons who carry the umbrella of being an entrepreneur. Although she has cooked for numerous celebrities and athletes, including Ricky Smiley, Tyler Perry, Wiz Khalifa, TI, 50 Cent, Ice Cube, LL Cool J, and many more, she owes her success to the years she spent in the kitchen with her grandmother.

Married for 25 years with six children and 30 years in the restaurant business, catering for celebrities became a major part of the veteran chef’s life about thirteen years ago. She knew it was one of the callings for her life when she was asked to cater for well-known movie and TV show producer Tyler Perry. Her excitement went to a new level at her first-time catering for a celebrity.

From that point on she was referred by different producers to different artists and eventually made the decision to close her restaurants. Her main focus now is catering for celebrities and her spice line, which has helped substantially and allowed her to show her passion for food by spreading the love for it to those she encounters.

Since the age of 19, Davis has expanded on a lot since opening her first business. She was trained by her famous father, St. Louis soul food restaurateur JT Brown in the restaurant business, and she learned that she had to figure out things more than she could have imagined while going through ups and downs.

“As you get older, you get your ego in check. You get your pride in check and understand in entrepreneurship you have some wins and losses,” Chef Jojo shares.

The celebrity chef realizes she has gained a lot of wisdom and knowledge that helped govern her along her path.

When COVID put things at a standstill, Chef Jojo lost all of her corporate clients. In addition, concerts she catered for were put on pause. While talking with her brother and husband, she wondered what her next step should be. Her brother suggested she do something she always wanted to do. Her husband reminded her of a neglected dream to create seasonings and encouraged her to use the “freed up” time to focus on that. So, she worked from March to October amid the pandemic to launch two seasoning lines, Jojo’s Seasoning for adults and “Hannah. J,” the first known children’s seasoning, affectionately named after her niece, whom she refers to as ‘the miracle baby.’

Chef Jojo is not only making a name for her seasoning lines at During our interview she announced that multiple grocery stores will also be carrying her spices on their shelves.

Chef Jojo’s sea salt and garlic-based seasonings are her way of being a “food coach,” to guide those she cooks for towards healthy eating as a part of their lifestyle, but in moderation. “You don’t have to do it all at once. You can take your time,” she shares.

“My niece Hannah J loves to eat healthy. When kids see other kids eating healthy, they eat healthy.” Chef Jojo believes that having food that tastes good comes from seasoning the food well, especially the vegetables. Hannah J will appear in upcoming videos as a guest teaching other kids what pairs well with different vegetables and even meat.

As someone who’s worked for herself since a teenager, Chef Jojo credits her family legacy of entrepreneurship for her major success in the field. “I knew I was born into the entrepreneur bloodline,” she says.

At home, Chef Jojo only cooks with her own seasoning. She sees how her children enjoy it so much that the success in other areas with the same seasoning has brought good her way. “All of my kids know how to cook because seasoning makes it easy for them.”

So, what’s next for Chef Jojo? At the top of the year, major goals will be met and new things will be released that will allow us to know a little more about what this amazing chef has to offer. She speaks into existence her appearance on television as well as seeing her seasoning in stores all over the United States.

Chef Jojo will also be releasing cookbooks, children’s books, cookware for children and adults as well as other things to be shared as soon as they are ready.

To purchase some of Chef Jojo’s spices and pair it with her recipes, head over to her website for more details.


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