As you all know by now, unemployment extension benefits have begun to run out for nearly 2 million Americans.  The mere thought of the impact this has on the struggling families who don’t know where their next dollar is going to come from puts a lump in my throat.  African Americans have the highest unemployment rate at 16%. While there are 16.7% of African American males without jobs, 13.1% (1.2 million) of African American women are unemployed in the US.
So how do we deal? How do we as a community cope with such staggering statistics? We certainly cannot allow the negative facts and figures to take control over our lives.  The National Urban League (NUL) urges job seekers to get empowered through their 6 Point Job Creation Plan at their State of Urban Jobs site.  The organization is a great resource filled with several educational and informational programs that can provide adults and youth with the proper incentives for success.
During these challenging times, we must learn how to adapt to our new environments by tapping into resources that we might not have thought about prior to being placed in a crisis.  We need to continue to rely on and seek out faith-based organizations within our local communities for support and assistance.  Sharpen and update job research skills by looking into up and coming industries such as Green Jobs (also can be found on NUL website).  The Healthcare industry is still very lucrative with available jobs as are job placement services.  Never understimate your current skills and talents and how they can be utilized for obtaining freelance/contractual work or even pursuing entrepreneurship.
Here are some additional resources (NYC-tri state area) that perhaps can be useful during these stressful and challenging times:

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