Bronze Magazine Chats with Songstress Queen Diva

by Amelia Moore (Ameliaismorehost)

Queen DivaEven though one of her songs on Touch Independent Records is entitled “Just Ordinary People” there is nothing ordinary about this God loving woman, a singer’s singer, Queen Diva.  Her aura is calm and collective, yet alert and engaging at the same time.  She doesn’t hesitate to state that its her understanding of her purpose and her calling to love that gives her that aura.
Queen Diva’s titles are intense and truly exemplary of a women with a mission.  She is currently the NYC Jazz Fans Decision 2013 Female Vocalist Nominee, the 2013 National Ambassador of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence, the Founder/Worship Arts Pastor for Divine Voices World Ministry, and the Empowerment Specialist/Author of Diva’s Diamonds P.I.N.K. (which stands for Possibilities I Now Know) Diamonds Ultimate Collections Words to Inspire, Empower and Encourage.  She is also the Producer and Host for Divine Voices Inspirational Internet Talk Radio show (found on and if that is not enough, many if not everyone knows her for a singer/songwriter who’s performance is a must see.
Bronze Magazine’s entertainment writer/reporter Amelia Moore (Ameliaismorehost) had the chance to ask this phenomenal woman a few questions about who she is, why she does what she does and what is she currently doing to fulfill what she claims is her purpose in life.  Here is what Queen Diva had to say:
Ameliaismore: Queen Diva, you said to me that it has taken you years to get to this point in your life.  I would like you to share your journey to fulfillment and what has been the hardest lesson you have learned?
Queen Diva:  Oh my goodness Amelia you asked a strong question. Where do I start? I have been on my journey seeking God’s purpose for me for about nine years.  My journey has had me in Chicago, Houston, San Antonio and now NY.  All I did was ask God,  show me what you need from me?  What is it that I need to do to become your vessel?  Girl!  Why did I say that? (Laughter) When you want to be his vessel that means  He has to empty you out to fill yourself with Him and Him only. I have to tell you I had a whole lot of muck and junk inside of me… OMG! It was something else to get it all out of me and to get me prepared for what God has for me right now.  It was hard, it was great, it was amazing.  My journey has been truly incredible and I thank God for each and every moment. The hardest part for me was getting my family to embrace this journey and to understand that no matter what I was going to be on it.  I left everything including my daughter, my mom and my family.  I gave up everything in order to find Him and myself.  It was important for my soul to go where He was sending me.  I had to do what I had to do. My family was really angry that I wouldn’t do what they wanted me to do. But I had to tell them with love that this had nothing to do with them, it has everything to do with the creator who created me and what He wants me to do.
Queen Diva3resizedAmeliaismore: It’s ironic that you said that because most people who take that journey of letting go and letting God find themselves dealing with those challenges.  Yet from that you became the Inaugural Ambassador of Intergrity Beauty Women of Excellence. How did that come about?
Queen Diva: That was so awesome! Honestly I am a Facebook fiend! (laughter) I just want to say it; I’m addicted.  I met this wonderful woman online named Rev. Roberta Cykon  and we just clicked instantly.  She told me about her organization Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence. She began the organization as the result of her trusted mentor and community activist Helen L. Albert, RN, the first African American registered nurse in Warren Trumbull County in Ohio. After sharing my testimony with Roberta she appointed me as Inaugural Ambassador of Integrity Beauty Women of Excellence. Because I became so instrumental in helping this organization grow, I now serve as their National Spokesperson.  
Ameliaismore: As the Founder & Worship Arts Pastor of the Divine Voices of World Ministry how did that come about?  Did that come before or after your journey to seek your purpose?
Queen Diva:  Actually it was part of the whole journey of when I started back in 2004.  God pressed upon my heart to do radio.  I had done a little bit of radio in college but nothing major.  Well God said to me try to do something different.  I said ok and went to public radio in Houston.  I just asked if I can do a show. At first I didn’t know what the show was going to be or what would be the name of the show. Once they gave me the go ahead I named the show Divine Voices with Queen Diva. Queen Diva had always been my pseudo name when I was doing Hip Hop and urban showcases as well as urban songwriters forums.  So Divine Voices World Ministries was born from that because I would be on the radio every other Wednesday from 3am to 6am.  And from there I was promoted to every Tuesday from 2am to 4am.  I never missed my time.  It was an incredible experience.  At night is when people are searching, hurting and praying.  So I started playing a lot of hip hop and songs that inspired like Tupac “Keep Your Head Up” or Erkya Badu “Apple Tree” and John Legend.  So from there I found out that God is everywhere because anytime that you are talking about love you are talking about God.  I did that for two years and had an audience of 6.5 million people.  Although I loved it my human clock started getting tired.  I asked God if He could close this door and open another.  The station said they were changing their format to internet radio and that was a blessing. From there I started putting the show on   Podomatic is so amazing!  It’s still there. (laughter)
Ameliaismore:  You also wrote a book, Diva’s Diamonds P.I.N.K.  Diamonds Ultimate Collections Words to Inspire, Empower and Encourage.  What made you become an author?
Queen Diva:  Well I actually wrote three books-  Love Is, The Ultimate Collection and All God’s Children.  What it is really is quotes that God has given me through my journey.  The first one titled Love was was written during my darkest hours.  All I wrote was different definitions of love. I put one of the books on Twitter and Facebook and everyday I was just posting those quotes.  Then I put it on Kindle.  A friend on Twitter named  Dr. Murdock inspired me to do that. He had been writing small books,  13 pages, 20 pages just small little books of quotes.  I told him I was thinking about doing something like that and he tweeted back saying, “Yes you should do something like that why not?” I said to myself, yes why not? So I wrote the books. Then I did the research because I didn’t have the means or the finances to publish it nor to obtain a publisher.  That’s when I found  out  Amazon has a program that allows you to put out an E book only sold on Kindle. That was two years ago.
Queen Diva4Ameliaismore:  What does P.I.N.K mean?
Queen Diva: (Laughter)  P.I.N.K. stands for Possibilities I Now Know.  I call my followers Pink Diamonds because pink diamonds are the most precious of the diamonds and are made in the center of the earth and they rise up from the pressure of the earth to become flawless diamonds.  So everything that I share that is given to me divinely I share them as pink diamonds and that is what I call them.  To be called a P.I.N.K.  Diamond means you know things now that you didn’t know before that will take you into a whole new level in your life and to bless others at the same time.
Ameliaismore:  Let’s fast forward a bit.  It seems your ministry is now about music.  I know you are a singer/songwriter, but how did Touch Independent Records and your current music you have online come into your journey?  It seems like your music is like the music you played on the radio, more global than gospel. Especially your single “Just Ordinary People”
Queen Diva:  It was someone whom I had met about 10 years ago at one of my forums.  We actually wrote the song for another artist.  She never recorded it. I stayed in touch with him and every year for the past ten years l had been asking him let’s release the song.  Finally 10 years later he said; “OK.”  (laugher)

Ameliaismore:  I love it! (laughter) Talk about focus and perseverance. (laughter)
Queen Diva:  I was determined because I just loved the song and I knew other people would love it if they heard the song.  It’s fun. What’s nice is its telling just ordinary people no other kind of love is as good as yours.  I’m talking about God. God is love and if you have His love that is the ultimate love you could possible have and if you can find God’s love in you then you can find love in the person(s) you love. With that God will always be in you and that person(s).  That’s why I love that song so much.  As it just meant so much more to me as my journey grew and I would listen to this song. That’s why I had to release this song.
Ameliaismore:  It seems that your music ministry is talking to everyone.  Like your song; Meet me Halfway.  Did you draw that from your own personal experience or from the people from your radio show?
Queen Diva:  The same person that wrote Just Ordinary People also wrote Meet me Halfway.  He actually wrote if for a play but never did the play.  I loved the song because it was a relationship song.  Many times in a relationship we fight and fuss but this song tells you in order to move forward in any relationship you have to meet each other halfway.
Ameliaismore: Your motivation to bring people closer to love thru music is an amazing purpose. Your understanding of purpose is not because you picked up the bible and started reading, it was from sharing and caring throughout your whole journey. So,what’s next?
Queen Diva:  I’m doing a tribute to Phyllis Hyman on her birthday, July 6th here in New York at the Metropolitan Room (34 West 22nd Street) at 4pm.
Also, I’ve been recently placed on the the ballot of the NYC Jazz Fans Decision 2013 Female Vocalist Nominee! I would be absolutely thrilled and honored if everyone voted for me here
Ameliaismore:  Why Phyllis Hyman? And what moved you to do this tribute?
Queen Diva: Phyllis Hyman has always been a great influence of mine. I have had this in my spirit for about 7 years to do a tribute to her and a show with her music.  I have been here in NYC for about a year.  I have been talking to people and singing at different places all the while asking the Lord can you open up an opportunity that I can actually sing a showcase of her music.
An entire tribute to Phyllis Hyman. Talk about her life, talk about her music and bond with her PHans that are still hurting and morning her passing. Like so many people I didn’t know why she killed herself.  After doing the research I realized she had mental illness and that mental illness ran in her family.  She wasn’t the only one that had it. Back then in 1995 they didn’t have the treatment nor medicine they have now for Bipolar Disorder. So when she received medication she didn’t like it so she didn’t take it.  Instead she was trying to find refuge in drugs, alcohol, food and men.  Basically anything she could find to soothe her soul but she never got that peace. She never found that refuge. What I want to do is sing her music and share the love and passion I have for her and her music and to show everyone that mental illness is real. Especially in the black community. We don’t talk about having it. We don’t talk about treating it. We don’t even discuss how to help our family members get through it.  As a community we need to stop saying, “That’s my Aunt, she’s just a little touched.”  NO,  instead we need to be informed. Get help and make sure we are there for them.  I just got that epiphany when I heard how sad she was. Imagine all these people all over the world that are dealing with mental illness and not having the help and support they need.  I just wanted to open that door by singing these songs and inviting the people that love her to give them that closure and an understanding why this is the route she choose to take, but that if you are suffering like her you don’t need to take the same route she did. Instead give them information on how to get help to change your direction.
Ameliaismore: My last question. If there was one thing you would want all women to know from what you learned in your journey what would that one thing be?
Queen Diva:  The one thing I would tell all women all over the world is to know God for yourself. That’s that one true thing I feel all women should know. I have learned that if you don’t know God for yourself then you won’t have the peace that you desire to make you complete.  You can’t get that peace from anywhere else.  You can’t get it from other people, you can’t get it from magazines, movies, drugs, alcohol or food.  You have to go directly to the source, God. Through that you can have the relationship that you truly need to have the peace you are looking for; to have the things you are seeking and to achieve the excellence He has in store for you and the purpose that you know is possible for you.  That is what I would tell all women around the world.
Ameliaismore:  Nothing moore to say to that other than Amen and thank you!  We have enjoyed you and know that you continue to inspire women in all you do.  I will see you on July 6th!

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