Bronze Humanitarian Spotlight: Deloris Jordan

delores-jordanDoes the name Michael Jordan ring a bell? I’m sure it does. Even without mentioning his name, if jersey number 23 or the infamous Jordan sneakers are referenced, an audience would almost immediately be able to recognize the athlete. But how about the name Deloris Jordan? It might be obvious by the last name that these two people have some form of connection to each other, and they do!—Deloris Jordan is Michael Jordan’s mother, but her title as the “athlete’s mom” is not the only reason why she should be important or remembered. Mrs. Jordan is involved with several charities and organizations that promote fair educational success to all children. In addition to her work with the Boys and Girls Club on the West Side of Chicago, she established the James R. Jordan Foundation, which was named after her late husband, to encourage youths and parents to be active agents in pursuing their education.

“I founded the James R. Jordan Foundation to demonstrate to the children that, with education, anything is possible. Our students are bright and eager to learn; they simply need direction and a strong support system,” stated Jordan in a letter posted on the foundation’s website.

Mrs. Jordan’s local efforts have recently expanded to helping others outside the U.S. Furthermore, the establishment of the James R. Jordan Foundation International was developed. With an obligation to help the dire conditions of women and children in Kenya, Jordan also founded the Kenya Women’s and Children’s Wellness Centre, an inaugural project set for construction in Nairobi, Kenya.

By Jamelia Thompson


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