If you are looking for a way to attain financial freedom then you should seek out Harrine Freeman, owner of H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a financial counseling and literacy company.  The D.C. based company provides credit repair services, personal finance and business seminars/workshops and financial planning. Bronze Magazine caught up with the Personal Finance Expert to talk about her personal journey towards financial freedom and how her dynamic company provides strong resources and financial inspiration for people everywhere. 

BM: Hello Harrine, it is a pleasure to have this chat with you today. You are owner at H.E. Freeman Enterprises, a financial counseling and literacy company. What was your motivation for tapping into this industry?

HF: My motivation for tapping into this industry was because I got into debt when I went to college. By the time I graduated I had 13 credit cards. I ended up being $19,000 in debt. I got a job making $21,000 so my debt almost equaled my salary. Creditors were calling me day and night. I was so frustrated with my own experience I wrote a book to prevent others from making the same mistakes I did.

BM: We both know that women have unique needs when it comes to money. How important is it for women to prepare and secure themselves financially?

HF: It is extremely important for women to prepare and secure themselves financially because women make $.70 for every dollar a man earns so women are automatically financially disadvantaged. In many instances women are not financially savvy and in some cases depend on men to make financial decisions. This also put them at a financial disadvantage. When a financial crisis occurs they are shocked. Many women get divorced or end a relationship and their financial status declines. That is why it is so important for married women or women in a co-habitation relationship to share the financial responsibilities even if you don’t contribute monetarily. Women should know how much money is spent each month and how much debt is owed. If they had been involved with the household finances the crisis could have been avoided or minimized. In some cases married women depend on their husband to save enough for both of them during retirement which is a mistake. Working women should have their own saving and retirement account. You will need at least $1-2,000,000 in your account to retire.

BM: At what point do you think women should develop a financial plan for themselves and why?

HF: Women should develop a financial plan for themselves when they get hired for their first job. For those who have not done that now is the time. Women should have the following basic financial items: adequate health, life and disability insurance, a will, a savings and retirement account. Women should save at least 10-20% of their net monthly income towards retirement. The best way to generate wealth is by becoming a homeowner. Women should also work with a financial planner or financial advisor to set financial goals and plan for retirement. Women should develop a financial plan to help them overcome financial crises, plan for their future and serve as a role model for their children, friends, family members and future generations.

BM: How has your business impacted the community?

HF:  My business has impacted the community by helping others to overcome financial crises and develop a financial plan to improve their lives. Many have found the root cause of their bad spending habits and have changed their lives and the lives of others. I provide support and encouragement to my clients and to those that attend my seminars and workshops.

BM: Please tell us about your role as Producer at DC TV, The Nation’s Community Television Network.

HF:I have served as a producer at DCTV and have also served as a guest on various show provided financial advice to children and adults. I enjoy working as a producer at DCTV and in the future will develop a financial television show to continue helping the community improve their finances.

BM: If there was one important tip that you could share with other female business owners what would it be and why?

HF: I would encourage all female business owners to get professional training on how to start and grow your business. They are many legal and financial laws and tools that female business owners need to become successful and avoid future mistakes. Some organizations offer free classes for female business owners. A good resource to use is

BM: Do you have any other projects that you are currently working on and would like to share?

HF:  I am currently finalizing my second financial book that is untitled. It will provide information on how to overcome a financial crisis, how to invest, how to pay off student loans, how to buy a home and how to repair your credit and get out of debt. I am currently developing some financial products to help consumers which will be available on my website in the future.

By Shawn Chavis, Editor-in-Chief


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