Bronze Beauty Inspiration: Curvy Girl Edition


Recently, I hooked up with my roommate from college who expressed she wasn’t feeling as sexy as she used to because she gained a few extra pounds. She felt that because she had some extra cushion for the pushin’ she couldn’t wear certain beauty trends and fashion. She believed that because she is full figured she couldn’t rock a big fro; like big hair and a full figure is too much for someone her size. Wrong!!!!! she also felt she couldn’t wear bright lip colors because of her darker skin tone. I fell out of my chair!!! Needless to say, it broke my heart to the core because she is gorgeous inside and out.
My friend’s dilemma couldn’t have happened at a better time, especially with the recent launch of Lane Bryant’s #ImNoAngel campaign. I quickly pulled up a photo of an ad showing her that curves are beautiful, natural, and sometimes so well desired that some women will even go to extremes to achieve them. After our get together I was left feeling like my friend represented so many women of color who share the same stereotypical myths: too dark for bright lips, hair too kinky, or too curvy.

lanebryantimnoangel770Cass Bird / Lane Bryant

Finally I sent her the link to Naturally Fashionable, a beauty and fashion vlogger on YouTube who is curvy, brown skinned, and uses her blog to help women feel beautiful and comfortable with themselves.
by Rosalyn Robinson

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