Boss Enough to Start Media Day Recap

Photos and Article by Abena Boateng

Essence of A Boss hosted their “Boss Enough to Start” Media Day party last Sunday on August 4th. The exclusive event was celebrated at the Breezy Point Yacht Club in Amityville, New York, filled with yachts, food and laughter. Jody Prendergast’s newly released book Boss Enough to Start was the main focus of the event in which her colleagues and media friends celebrated with her.

The event was decorated with brightly colored flowered centerpieces on each table. There was an infusion of Caribbean style food served including jerk chicken, Rastapasta, fried fish and more, which had everyone’s mouthwatering. Tasty Sangria and Caribbean Rum Punch was also served. About every half hour or so, there were pop-culture questionnaires and giveaways making the event lively and interactive. These questionnaires included current events in the main stream media such as Alicia Keys being the cover star on the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar and more. After the food was served, guests were split up into two groups when it was time to board the yacht. The first group enjoyed being on the water, feeling the cool breeze while the other group stayed on the shore and enjoyed the festive music and rum punch. Once the last group of guests were making their way back to the shore, they were greeted with everyone waving stick flags of the different Caribbean countries while fresh crab was being served. 

Prendergast, the Founder of Essence of a Boss, a New York based conference established by and for women of color, wanted to create a platform that brought women together who are seeking to be entrepreneurs by supplying them with the necessary resources they need and connecting them to other female bosses. 

Her first book Boss Enough to Start is a guide for women of color who want to take back their life and start living on their own terms. She explained how it took her about 2 years to finish the book because she was maintaining her many other businesses while also being a mother to her son, Jayden. She created the book because she felt as though many black women are “underrepresented” and wanted to shed light on the issue. “Sometimes we need black women who are doing well to tell us that if I can do it then you can do it,” Prendergast said. By breaking barriers in the book, she talks about the power of “you” and in order to put yourself out there you have to be confident in yourself. Another important key she made was her amazing support system. Though she had many mentors who helped her become the woman she is today, her grandmother was her main support and her biggest “cheerleader.” When she felt like she wanted to give up, her grandmother was always there giving her encouraging words while telling her “the sky is not even the limit.” When her grandmother wasn’t around, she used her favorite quote to help her get through any crossroads. “You cannot control the cards you are dealt; however, you can control how you play the hand, ”Prendergast said. With any failure she has ever come across she goes back to reevaluate to see how she can turn the failure into something positive and making it into a successful ending.

Prendergast also had her book launch party in her home country of Jamaica where many Caribbean influencers such as Naomi Garrick and Debbie Bissoon and more Caribbean influencers have showed her love and support. 

Not only an author, Prendergast who has a background in social work, also opened up her own health care agency, White Rose Home Healthcare Agency. Furthermore, Prendergast didn’t stop there with her successes; she is a part of Gift for Adoption, which is an organization that helps children who are not from the United States that are less fortunate with sufficient funds they need to get to the United States and put into families that can take care of them. 

Overall, she explains how grateful she is to have such an amazing support system and is excited for the upcoming annual Essence of a Boss conference which will be held in Manhattan. If you are interested in going to the next conference, you can check out for upcoming dates and information. Also, if you are interested in purchasing Prendergast’s Boss Enough to Start Mastering You, Business & Beyond you can check out

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