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Oui the People

A razor and body care brand that promises to watch their language, as language can be a powerful tool to create beauty standards, as many brands have done for decades.  

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What a year it has been to run a beauty company, actually, ANY company.🤦🏽‍♀️ While we’ve been very fortunate that our supply chain has remained largely intact, every link in that chain is experiencing their share of delays from bottles to ingredients to shipping. What that looks like is an additional 2-4 weeks on every product that we had a timeline nailed for. If you see that we have a hard time with exact deliverables, that is part of the reason why. We could have 99% of ingredients ready to go and then the last one gets delayed or takes an extra week to be delivered. 📦 In addition, in March we did what every small business did as we looked at mere survival. We took to a spreadsheet 📈 and mapped out what it would look like if business stayed the same, decreased dramatically, or saw some growth. Little did we expect this level of growth and we scrambled to ramp up production- in a pandemic. We’re so happy to see you unboxing your razors, we just got another delivery of Rose Gold on Friday and they will begin shipping on Monday- the earliest June orders are going out first. FEATHERWEIGHT is expected to be in stock in August, just a couple more weeks. We have two big runs of SUGARCOAT in and the first is expected to be out of production this week and shipping shortly. We expect to be back in a positive inventory position by August/September and pre-orders not only allow us to thrive, but they get your orders to you first. At this point, your razors are being made to order. Keep patience with us, I’ve been poking fun at the 500 times the word “unprecedented” has been used in my inbox but damned if these ain’t some unprecedented times y’all. At the end of the day, we do this all day every day, as do our manufacturers, we’re just doing it under VERY unique circumstances. 🙏🏽

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Unsun Cosmetics

A clean sunscreen brand made for women of color, which means no white cast! Founded by Katonya Breaux who was tired of the lack of options within the world of clean sunscreen products for women of color.                                                             

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Instant protection, instant GLOW ✨

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A natural skincare brand with basic, simple ingredients to help keep skin clear. Founded by a young woman named Janelle who has struggled with extreme eczema and couldn’t find a moisturizer that soothed her skin without clogging her pores. So, she decided to make her own with only the ingredients her skin needed.                                                                                      


A cohesive skincare line built by black women to empower others to embrace their natural beauty.  

Mocha Whip

A collection of whipped shea butter body products by founder, Melissa Troupe.

Black Girl Sunscreen

A sunscreen brand dedicated to Black women that tackles the many issues people of color have with traditional sunscreens.                                 

Buttah Skin

Skin care products by Dorion Renaud that target everyday issues like oiliness, discoloration, blemishes, and dryness.                                                                             

Anita Grant

A clean hair, skin, and body care brand inspired by founder Anita Grant’s personal story with an ingredient found in many lotions and hair products, which landed her in the hospital. She now only creates products that can go in her body.                                                                   


A family run company that sells all-natural premium shea butters.  

Dehiya Beauty

“A plant based, vegan, all natural, and organic skincare line inspired by Moroccan beauty, more specifically Dehiya, a powerful North African warrior. Founded by Dr. Mia Chae Reddy.  


Mesh body exfoliators that are alternatives to loofahs and washcloths. They have been a part of West African culture for generations. The founder and CEO, Caroline was first exposed to it at the age of 5 by her Ghanaian mother.                                                 

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Ingrown hairs? We don’t know her 😏

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Marie Hunter Beauty

A cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance brand that has their own skincare line including a cleansing oil, facial scrub, serums, facial mask, creams, and facial mist.


A UK vegan brand that produces majority shea butter body and lip products. They come in various scents like rose, lavender, lemon and coconut.


Luxury body care brand that emphasizes body skin is just as important as facial skin, and it deserves the same ritual.


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    Haven Salon
    July 30, 2020 at 5:20 am

    Good brands and nice products! The best of the best!

    • Bronze Mag
      Bronze Mag
      July 30, 2020 at 6:53 am

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your feedback 🙂


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