Black and White – The Least Expensive Spring Fashion Trend!

By Cheryl Woodruff Brooks


The more things change, the more things stay the same!  This spring‘s fashion trends look like a repeat of winter.  Well, before you go out spending money that you could use on other important items, why not embrace my favorite trend: Black and White!  I really hope that most of you have some staple black and white pieces in your fashion arsenal, such as a black cardigan, a white blouse and maybe even a black pencil skirt.  The  fashion runways were stormed with black and white pieces that are always classic.  Try wearing separates like a crisp white blouse and black wide-legged pants, polka dots, or stripes! Be daring and mix and match these two color combinations in ways that you hadn’t thought of before!  Take that money that you saved on clothes and treat yourself to some nice accessories!


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