Best in Beauty: Halloween Makeup Tutorials

By Cenithia Bilal

Hey Bronze Beauties! If you’re tired of playing it safe in a pair of cat ears every Halloween or throwing together a costume last minute, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve rounded up six of the coolest makeup tutorials to inspire you to be as extra as possible this Halloween weekend.

Wonder Woman – https://youtu.be/Dcdqe5B1uLk

credit: Bri Hall

“What a powerful, dangerous and amazing thing it is to be a woman.” Bri Hall shows us that with this super easy look, anyone can be Wonder Woman!

Pennywise – https://youtu.be/-nd-B4hCcfc

credit: Alissa Ashley

This creative take on the infamous IT villain uses UV paint so you can actually glow in the dark!

Cleopatra – https://youtu.be/skMT8XnzIW8

credit: Gratsi (@gratsikat)

An easy, colorful look that you can definitely make workplace appropriate.

Mad Scientist – https://youtu.be/3qBmZC4AtIU

credit: Cydnee Black

Make sure you have some random science facts to throw at unsuspecting party-goers!

Demon – https://youtu.be/Lk7iJthBk6I

credit: Desi Perkins

For those of you with a little more skill or just a lot of ambition, this demon look will definitely win you best costume.

Clown – https://youtu.be/dtlaWaxpgYk

credit: Sonjradeluxe

If the Pennywise tutorial is a bit much for you, then perhaps this clown tutorial is up your alley. It’s the best of both worlds: cute and scary.





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