By Beauty Expert & Contributor Tracey Brown

Who said that bronzer was only for those of the fairer persuasion?  Bronzer can cure a world of evils for brown skinned beauties.  Not only is bronzer your go-to for your “bronzed goddess look”, but a matte bronzer is a suitable stand-in for foundation.  It’s the ideal subtle contour product.  Bronzer wakes up skin, and with a dose of shimmer, makes even the laziest complexion come to life.
I have road tested my share of bronzers, and I have my picks for the best in budget bronzers.
  • Apply bronzer where the sun would naturally hit — forehead, cheeks, nose.
  • For contour use, apply bronzer around jawline and in on cheeks.
  • Apply a pop of blush on top of bronzed cheeks for perfect color.
  • Use your bronzer to even out swimsuit lines after a day in the sun
  • Apply bronzer for foundation with a powder brush for even coverage; a fan or angled blush brush for contouring

1.  Bronzer as blush — Black Opal Mosaic Fusion Bronzer  
2. Bronzer that glows — Mabelline Dream Mousse Bronzer, Sun glow
3.  Bronzer to brighten skin — Rimmel Natual Bronzer Sheer Bronze, Sun Bronze
4.  Bronzer for contour — Wet n Wild Coloricon in Goddess  
5.  Bronzer layered with blush — Iman Sheer Finish Bronzer 

My bronzer picks:

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