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Happy Summer Bronze beauties!

It’s finally the time of the year for sandals, beaches and cookouts. For many of us, summertime is bittersweet; we all know that hot weather can also mean unwanted tans, hair frizz and sunburn. However, before rushing to hide in the shade and apply excessive sunscreen, consider this…. sunrays are actually good for us! There are many health benefits we can receive from a decent amount of time outside in the sun:


1. Vitamin D

Many of us have heard growing up that drinking milk helps us develop strong bones. This is primarily because of its significant amount of Vitamin D. Well, did you know that sunrays help our bodies naturally develop Vitamin D? According to Healthlink, 30 minutes of sun creates about 25,000 IUs of Vitamin D….that’s almost equivalent to over 120 gallons of milk!

As women of color, our darker skin pigmentation doesn’t absorb the sun’s UV rays as quickly as those of lighter skin completions, thus making us more susceptible to Vitamin D deficiency. That’s right bronze ladies; we are the last people who should be hiding from the sun. We need to spend more time outside!


2. Mood-booster

Have you suddenly felt gloomy or sluggish whenever it was cold or rainy outside? Well, it’s not just you. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), sunlight exposure increases serotonin in our bodies, making us feel more alert and active. stated that low serotonin levels associate with Season Affective Disorder (SAD).


3. Cancer Prevention

This may sound far-fetched at first, where most of us have learned that too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, but according to a study from the Environmental Health Perspective, spending a decent amount of time in the sun can actually help prevent the body from developing certain cancers, including pancreatic, ovarian and colon.



Consider it this way: too much of anything is bad for us. The key to anything, whether it’s food, medication, exercise, etc. is having that perfect balance in order for our bodies to function properly. With that being said, make a vow to try spending at least 15-20 minutes outside each day. It can be simple things, such as walking your pets around the neighborhood or reading a book on your front porch. Summer will be gone before you know it, ladies. Let’s get out and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!


Until next time!


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