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Rise and shine ladies! Don’t think about hitting that snooze button! You have time to squeeze in a quick morning workout before hopping in that shower. I promise you, once you read these benefits of exercising in the morning, you won’t need that cup of coffee to motivate you every morning:

That’s right ladies. Fitness trainers almost always have their clients breaking a sweat before sunrise. This burst of movement gets digestive system ready to breakdown food for the rest of the day, enhancing weight loss.

An early morning jog may come in handy for the working women and college students. Exercising in the morning increases the blood and oxygen flow throughout the body, helping with flexibility and increasing mental acuity. Whether it’s a presentation for your boss or a college essay, that extra brain power will come in handy!

There’s nothing better than a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed. According to research, our bodies prepare themselves for morning exercise by slipping into a deep, peaceful slumber, essentially adjusting our circadian rhythms.
Not all of us are morning people, making it hard to feel motivated in the morning. Start at your own pace and work your way into it. For three days out of the week, set your alarm to wake up 10-15 minutes before your usual time and do a quick 10 minute workout at home. You can find plenty of simple, yet effective workout routines online. Here’s a great example from

bronze mag morning workout

Mornings are quiet, peaceful; perfect for mental preparation of your day. And remember ladies, the gyms are usually empty around this time, so turn up that ipod and go all out!

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  • Rosalind Marie
    September 14, 2020 at 1:11 pm

    As someone who is a creative but also incorporates wellness into my every day lifestyle, I have come to know how very important it is to see myself doing and being healthy. I even decided to bring some friends along. @anoblesol


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