Beauty Watch: Winter Foot Care


Most of the time when the cold winter months come we dial on moisturizer to combat the dry skin that comes with cold weather. While that’s very much needed, our focus on our feet takes a back seat. We get so excited to put on our boots and tights but that increases the dryness to our feet. Amping up on moisturizer shouldn’t stop at the ankles. To prevent cracked heals, exfoliating more and deep conditioning our feet at night just as we do our face and hair will help those feet stay soft.
Thanks to Amope Pedi Perfect we can take care of our feet regularly. Amope is an electronic foot file that gently removes dry skin and calluses’ from your feet without irritation. The exfoliation of the roller allows for even smooth and softness. It’s safe enough to be used daily. Also, when too much pressure is applied, the unit automatically stops to prevent any abrasions to the skin. Coupled with the Amope Daily Moisturizer, this gives your feet the spa like experience that is needed. As an added bonus, applying socks to the feet at night will extend the benefits of Amope.
Amope is conveniently available in drugstores. This is the perfect gift for any woman on your list this holiday season.

by Rosalyn Robinson

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