Beauty Trend: Magnetic Makeup Boards!

slide_287409_2243058_free (2)A Magnetic Makeup Board is a cool new way to add some interesting décor to your room whether bed or bath. It allows the accessibility of your favorite beauty and makeup pieces all at an arm’s reach in full view. That way you won’t have to waste any time digging in search of your go to makeup items making everything in your makeup kit compact. If all that isn’t impressive enough, it most certainly is a conversation starter. The idea of a magnetic makeup board has become a hot trend due to its popularity on the social site Pinterest. The trend became so big the boards landed a feature on The Huffington Post! This is a DIY (Do it Yourself) home project that will not only be fun to do, but it will also be fun to see come into fruition. The items you will need to get this project started are magnetic buttons, super glue, magnetic tape strips, sheet metal, a frame, and it is optional to get some paint to decorate the frame with. Most all of these items are apparently available at your local Wal-Mart. This project definitely walks the line between youth and sophistication in such a fabulous way! Check out the vids and see for yourself!

slide_287409_2243019_free (2)

slide_287409_2243042_free (2)

slide_287409_2243064_free (2)

Watch vidieo here:

byRachelle Saintfleur
*Pics from Pinterest

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