If you’ve ever wondered about a product that can rejuvenate your skin, a top pick would be Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream by Bliss.  Oxygen is a lighweight gel-cream that hydrates, brightens, and instantly revives, dull stressed skin.  It’s perfect pairing of star ingredients (oxygen + vitamin C) helps the skin to rebound from external and internal stresses by delivering a fresh-from-the-shower, dewy glow.

Oxygen helps to support cell respiration, reinforces collagen synthesis, improves skin hydration, and breathes new life into a lackluster complexion.  The formula is nonirritating to sensitive type skin and you will see results instantly after a single use.
**Personal Note**Ladies, I absolutely loved this product.  I applied it on several occassions prior to putting on my make-up and it truly does add a healthy glow to your skin.  It goes onto your skin as a gel but it begins to turn into a foamy substance with a fresh tingly feel during the application process.    
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Another great product is Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Packaged in a genie-like botte, it is a totally nude base that works as a concealer for your eyes and is applied with a curved wand.  Eyeshadow goes on smoother and last longer as a result.  It also prevents creasing.
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**Personal Note** This product certainly works its “magic.”  I use it faithfully everytime before applying my shadow and it works beautifully.  My shadow is as fresh once I get home as it was when I left.  I truly recommend trying it. 

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