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Every now and then I like to do what I call a beauty splurge. This is when I treat myself to an expensive product I’ve had my eye on, or I find a compatible product that’s just as good. I’ve been hunting for a great bronzer for quite some time. I love my current bronzers- Cover Girl Queen Bronzer, Maybelline’s Master Hi-Light in Deep Bronze, and now Shea Moisture Mandalay Dusk. These are all great products and they are brown girl friendly. I love a compact in which I can sweep my brush over four or more hues and achieve a subtle glow without the shimmer. But it’s with great patience that I have decided to pull the trigger on Guerlain’s Terracotta bronzing powder. This isn’t a new product, but the price is new to my budget at a cost of $52 at Sephora. This is a great bronzer that comes in eight shades. With just one tap of the brush you can add warmth, definition, and a glow to your skin; no glitter or shimmer, just radiance. With this range of options, women of color from the lightest to the deepest skin tones can benefit. This product not only provides your face with a glow, it also has great moisturizing benefits and a smooth matte finish that is luminous. This is a long lasting bronzing powder where a little goes a long way and you get the most bang for your buck.

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