Beauty Alert: No More Shadows


While everyone is talking about getting fit and starting off the New Year right, one of things that haunts us as women is the hair removal process. While there are many methods of getting rid of body hair,  some challenges still lie ahead. Finding the time to fit a waxing appointment into your schedule can be challenging, and for some, waxing can be expensive and painful. While using a razor may be the most cost effect, the benefits are little to none with risk factors including cuts and regrowth in days; not to mention it can be very time consuming. Also, thinking ahead to spring and summer when we wear sleeveless tops and bikinis, getting rid of dark shadows are a hassle.
One sure way to get rid of dark shadows and slow the regrowth of hair is by epilating. I myself was fearful and a skeptic of this. After trying epilating, hair removal is simple, effective in slowing down regrowth, and you no longer have to worry about stubble or in-grown hairs. With epilating there is minimal pain depending on your comfort level. Having 60-75 disc tweezers rotate and pulling out hairs takes a little getting used to. After the first use, each time aftererwards becomes less painful; and the results are amazing. You can remove hair in the comfort of your home and save money. Epilating is also great for those who still love to wax and need something in between waxings.
There are many different epilating devices on the market. Some are specialized for certain areas of the body while others are formulated to be used everywhere. Some epilators can be used wet or dry. Because hair removal is something we do on a constant basis, investing in a device like this one is an essential in any beauty cabinet.

by Rosalyn Robinson

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