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As the summer heat approaches and my skin tone begins to caramelize, I’m in search for a shade that compliments my “tan.” So after some searching I found Sheeq Cosmetics, a brand founded by by Beauty Expert, Melissa R. Hibbert, celebrating all women of color. SC is by far a luxury brand that offers great skincare, complimentary colors for women with brown skin, and is made with great quality. The skincare line is made with botanicals with one goal in mind- to promote healthy skin.
Offering foundations, BB cream, blush, lip-gloss, and other cosmetics, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect match. With their foundation colors starting at medium brown tones and deepening to the deepest shade of brown, women of color are afforded another option in makeup. Their blush collection is also geared towards women of all shades of brown. The richness of the foundation, the pigmented blush, and the intensity of the lip collections will give any woman the confidence needed to be focused, bold, and empowered.
If you’re looking to spice up your makeup routine, wanting to support another sistah, or just needing something different, then head over to Sheeq Cosmetics. Founded by a woman who seeks to empower women through beauty, this cosmetics line is definitely a must try.

sheeqlipsPhoto Source: Sheeq Cosmetics


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