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There has been a shock wave of women who have decided to embrace their natural hair. As someone who has been natural for six years, I get asked so many questions regarding maintenance, styling, how to choose the right products, etc. In my case, I went natural by accident. After giving birth to my daughter my postpartum hair loss was unstoppable; then couple that with my choice to nurse. After I stopped nursing my hair shed was terrible. By this point I hadn’t had any chemicals for almost a year, so I decided to cut my hair short and maintain a healthy regimen.

Fast forward to the present; I would tell any woman to first answer the question as to why she decided to go natural. Once you can be honest with yourself, everything else will fall into place. The blogosphere is saturated with a wealth of knowledge including videos to help women make the transition. I say this can be a gift or a curse. There are many questions as to why someone goes natural including,  how often to use styling tools or heating products along with products that contain certain ingredients; or whether or not to do the big chop. To that I say do what works for you, your lifestyle, and most importantly what makes your hair healthy. The key is to have healthy hair and love it. Whatever your version of “natural” is, rock it with confidence.

We must remember that we’re all beautiful and should embrace any woman that embarks on a journey to be different and love herself. I personally love the many different styles: kinks, coils, fros, and everything in between. With this “natural wave” we are showing the different levels of beauty we offer. To that I say encourage and embrace. There isn’t a right or wrong. Because we have so many different hair textures, what works for some may not work for others. Love yourself so you can love the next sista!!!

by Rosalyn Robinson

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