By Contributing Writer Clestine I. Herbert

The American Heritage Dictionary defines determine as, 1. To decide, establish or ascertain definitely; 2. To cause to come to a conclusion or resolution.

Some of us are at a point in our success journey where we are loosing steam.  The cheerleaders at the beginning of our venture have long gone.   The desire is there but the fuel to get you through the everyday mundane things is dissipating.  You wake each morning with desires only to come to the end of the day with not too much accomplished.  You are at that point where you can almost see the light but it is still way in the distance.  You need to be determined!  Be determined that you are going to do what you set out to do.  Be determined that you are going to achieve your goal.  Be determined that you are going to break past mental limits and reach success.  Be determined that you are going to be the first in your family to get a college degree.  Be determined that you are going to be the first in your family to own a successful business.  Be determined that you are going to take that family vacation despite the fact that the work is piling up.  Be determined that you are going to get that job that on paper seems unachievable but in your heart is yours. 

Being determined is a good spark for motivation.  Let me share a few simple techniques for you to get refueled and be determined:
  1. Map out your day.  Make a list the night before specifically mapping out what you are going to do each hour of your workday.  Now be determined that you are going to follow your list.
  2. Jump out of bed. When you wake up in the morning, do not lay in the bed running down the laundry list of why you cannot do what you would like to do.  Be determined!  When you wake up, immediately say a prayer then jump out of bed determined to do what you planned the night before.
  3. Listen to your future.  Listen to the voice of success not the voice of distress.  Each morning when you hear the voice that says ‘Just lay there a little longer’ or ‘It’s just going to be another mundane day’, ignore it and listen to the voice that is saying ‘Get up!  There is work to do and endless possibilities.’ 
  4. Look forward not backward.  Work towards your goal.  Don’t look back and replay the failures. Only look at your failures as stepping stones and learning tools.
  5. Just do it.  Once you know what it is you are supposed to do and you are sure it is the right thing to do, just do it!  Don’t discuss it anymore.  Don’t analyze it anymore.  Just do it.

Start your day with determination and you will get more accomplished and feel more invigorated.  Get an attitude shift and Be determined!

Clestine, also known as, the Purpose Coach, is an Elder, National speaker, life coach, and author of the book Knuggets of Knowledge to Get Unstuck, which can be purchased on Amazon.  She is the founder and CEO of Divine Discipline, a self-supporting, life development business built on the principals of Romans 12:2.  She’s also the author and developer of the Mind Alignment Coaching Systemâ„¢, her proprietary, step-by-step coaching and mentoring program, which is based on biblical principals, that support you in quieting your negative self-talk, discovering your life purpose, building confidence, and joyfully living your life.  Clestine has also been featured on 3ABN Today-a Christian TV program, interviewed on several radio programs and in several Christian magazines.

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