Balancing Healthy Relationships in Business

By Rosalyn L. (@MsRosalynOfficial)

By developing a strong relationship with your clientele, your business transforms from being “just another company” into a brand they know and trust. This is important for a number of reasons.

By developing a relationship with your customers and earning their trust, they will move past customer service or product issues more easily, knowing that you will address their concerns and resolve their problems to the best of your ability.

It’s hard to feel “warm and fuzzy” about a faceless corporate entity. Thankfully, through fostering relationships, you can bring a human face to your organization–one that customers can relate to and even come to love.

Think about it. Why do so many large companies rely on cute “spokes creatures” to represent their brands? It’s because everyone loves a pudgy doughboy that giggles, a pair of hapless talking M&M candies, and an eloquent gecko. The adoration we have for these “corporate faces” are automatically transferred to the companies that they represent. If Snoopy is a trusted character, MetLife, must also be a company we can have faith in, right?

The people who represent your company have the same effect. Make customer relationships a shared responsibility for your entire organization.” After all, every person that your company deals with in a day–in any capacity–could be a potential customer.

Sure, people are quick to spread the word when they are displeased with a company–but they are also eager to refer their friends and family members to a business that they truly believe in. And people trust a word-of-mouth referral from their nearest and dearest. That’s why it is important that you forge a relationship of trust and respect with every customer that comes through your doors.

While it is important to create positive relationships outside of your organization, it is also vital to nurture healthy and respectful relationships within your company. By developing a strong working alliance with your employees–and creating an atmosphere and culture conducive to developing a strong sense of teamwork–you will be able to increase morale, productivity, and job satisfaction. It will also better enable you to attract and maintain key talent.

So, put yourself out there and start developing valuable business relationships. After all, your business is only as strong as the people–and the relationships–that support it.

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