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Since I was 8 years old I said that I would write a book. After high school I had plans to attend college and have my degree by the time I was 21. At 25, I set a goal to own my first house by the time I was 30, but at 33 I have, yet to accomplish any of these goals, because as you know sometimes life doesn’t go exactly as we plan. Things happen, families happen, children happen, bills happen, layoffs happen, distractions happen and somewhere down the line, while “life is happening” our dreams get delayed, our vision becomes distorted, our plans are misplaced and the MVP gets knocked out of his own game and plays the sideline.

I played the sideline for years and mainly, because I had allowed fear to tell me that “I was too old and that it was too late for me to get back in my own game.” I had allowed fear to tell me that “I couldn’t do it and that I wouldn’t be successful at it, if I did” and in turn that paralyzed me, causing me 2 get stuck on the bench; scared to get back in the game, scared to pick-up the ball and scared to take a shot, but as I continued attending church and HEARING the WORD of GOD, my faith started to supersede my fears and after a job lay off, I found myself back in the game.

Since I’ve been back in the game I’ve started my book, I’m six classes short of my degree, I’m now a certified massage therapist and nail technician and in two months I will have graduated from Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, as an esthetician, with plans to open my own business. Although, I have yet to meet my goals 100%, the MVP is no longer on the sideline and I have a far greater chance of winning on the court, then I did on the bench, because you have to at least be in the game, in order to win the game and if I can get back in the game, so can you.

What we must understand is that age is not a deterrence or an obstacle to God, so if fear is telling you that “It’s too late and that it’s not going to work, because you are too old,” the LORD says “You are very old, & there are STILL VERY LARGE AREAS OF LAND to be taken over” ~ Joshua 13:1, so no matter what age you are, re-visit your game-plan, write the vision and pursue your dream, open your business, write your book, sing your song, get that degree, patent that idea, start that ministry and GET BACK IN THE GAME!

The ball is in your court NOW DUNK IT, because I AM! 

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.
Phillipians 4:13

By:  Phaedra Anderson

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